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Gtk Namespace Reference


class  AccelGroup
 A Gtk::AccelGroup represents a group of keyboard accelerators, typically attached to a toplevel Gtk::Window (with Gtk::Window::add_accel_group()). More...

class  AccelLabel
 A label which displays an accelerator key on the right of the text. More...

class  Adjustment
 A class representing an adjustable bounded value. More...

class  Alignment
 A widget which controls the alignment and size of its child. More...

class  Arrow
 Produces an arrow pointing in one of the four cardinal directions. More...

class  AspectFrame
 A frame that constrains its child to a particular aspect ratio. More...

class  Bin
 A container with just one child. More...

class  Box
 A base class for box containers. More...

struct  BuiltinStockID
 See the list of pre-defined stock items, in the Stock namespace. More...

class  Button
 A widget that creates a signal when clicked on. More...

class  ButtonBox
 Base class for Gtk::HButtonBox and Gtk::VButtonBox. More...

class  Calendar
 Display a calendar and/or allow the user to select a date. More...

class  CellEditable
class  CellRenderer
 CellRenderers are used by Gtk::TreeView columns to render the Gtk::TreeModel column data appropriately. More...

class  CellRendererPixbuf
class  CellRendererText
class  CellRendererToggle
class  CheckButton
 Create widgets with a discrete toggle button. More...

class  CheckMenuItem
 A menu item that maintains the state of a boolean value in addition to a Gtk::MenuItem's usual role in activating application code. More...

class  Clipboard
class  ColorSelection
 A widget used to select a color. More...

class  ColorSelectionDialog
 This dialog allows the user to select a color. More...

class  Combo
 A text entry field with a dropdown list. More...

class  ComboDropDown
 The dropdown list of a Combo. More...

class  ComboDropDownItem
 An item in a ComboDropDownList. More...

class  Container
 Abstract container class. More...

class  Curve
 Allows direct editing of a curve. More...

class  Dialog
 Create popup windows. More...

class  DrawingArea
 A widget for custom user interface elements. More...

class  Editable
 Base class for text-editing widgets. More...

class  Entry
 A single line text entry field. More...

class  EventBox
 Event capturing box. More...

class  FileSelection
 Prompt the user for a file or directory name. More...

class  Fixed
 A container which allows you to position widgets at fixed coordinates. More...

class  FontSelection
 A widget for selecting fonts. More...

class  FontSelectionDialog
 A dialog box for selecting fonts. More...

class  Frame
 A Gtk::Bin with a decorative frame and optional label. More...

class  GammaCurve
 A subclass of Gtk::Curve for editing gamma curves. More...

class  HandleBox
 A widget for detachable window portions. More...

class  HBox
 Horizontal Box for laying widgets in a horizontal row. More...

class  HButtonBox
 A container for arranging buttons vertically. More...

class  HPaned
 The Gtk::HPaned widget is a container widget with two children arranged horizontally. More...

class  HRuler
 Horizontal Ruler. More...

class  HScale
 A horizontal slider for selecting values. More...

class  HScrollbar
 A horizontal scrollbar. More...

class  HSeparator
 Horizontal line widget. More...

class  IconFactory
class  IconSet
class  IconSize
 Represents registered icon sizes. More...

class  IconSource
class  Image
 A widget displaying an image. More...

class  ImageMenuItem
class  InputDialog
class  Invisible
 This widget is used internally in GTK+, and is probably not useful for application developers. More...

class  Item
 This class should be considered as a virtual base class. More...

class  Label
 A widget that displays a small to medium amount of text. More...

class  Layout
 Infinite scrollable area containing child widgets and/or custom drawing. More...

class  ListStore
 Thist is a list model for use with a Gtk::TreeView widget. More...

class  Main
 Main application class Every application must have one of these objects. More...

class  Menu
 A drop-down menu consisting of Gtk::MenuItem objects which can be navigated and activated by the user to perform application functions. More...

class  MenuBar
 A standard menu bar which usually holds Gtk::Menu submenu items. More...

class  MenuItem
 Child item for menus. More...

class  MenuShell
 The abstract base class for Gtk::Menu and Gtk::MenuBar. More...

class  MessageDialog
 Convenient message window. More...

class  Misc
 A base class for widgets with alignments and padding. More...

class  Notebook
 Container which shows one of its children at a time, in tabbed windows. More...

class  Object
class  OptionMenu
 A widget used to choose from a list of valid choices. More...

class  Paned
 This is the base class for widgets with two panes, arranged either horizontally (Gtk::HPaned) or vertically (Gtk::VPaned). More...

class  Plug
class  ProgressBar
 A widget which indicates progress visually. More...

class  RadioButton
 A single radio button performs the same basic function as a Gtk::CheckButton, as its position in the object hierarchy reflects. More...

class  RadioMenuItem
 A CheckMenuItem that belongs to a group. More...

class  Range
class  RC
class  RcStyle
class  Ruler
 Base class for horizontal or vertical rulers. More...

class  Scale
 Abstract base clase for Gtk::HScale and Gtk::VScale. More...

class  Scrollbar
 The Gtk::Scrollbar widget is an abstract base class for Gtk::HScrollbar and Gtk::VScrollbar. More...

class  ScrolledWindow
 Adds scrollbars to its child widget. More...

class  SelectionData
class  Separator
 Separator base class. More...

class  SeparatorMenuItem
 A separator used to group items within a menu. More...

class  Settings
class  SizeGroup
class  Socket
 Container for widgets from other processes. More...

class  SpinButton
 numeric Entry with up/down buttons Slightly misnamed, this should be called a SpinEntry. More...

class  Statusbar
 Text status indicator This widget is used to display status information. More...

class  StockID
 See also Gtk::BuiltinStockID. More...

class  StockItem
class  Style
class  Table
 Pack widgets in regular patterns. More...

class  TargetEntry
class  TearoffMenuItem
 A special Gtk::MenuItem which is used to tear off and reattach its menu. More...

class  TextAttributes
class  TextBuffer
 Multi-line text that can be displayed by one or more Gtk::TextView widgets. More...

class  TextChildAnchor
class  TextIter
 You can iterate over characters, words, lines, and sentences, but operator*() and operator++() deal in characters. More...

class  TextMark
class  TextTag
class  TextTagTable
class  TextView
 Multi-line text editing widget. More...

class  ToggleButton
 A Gtk::ToggleButton will remain 'pressed-in' when clicked. More...

class  Toolbar
 Bars of buttons and other widgets. More...

class  Tooltips
 Tooltips are the messages that appear next to a widget when the mouse pointer is held over it for a short amount of time. More...

class  TreeDragDest
class  TreeDragSource
class  TreeIter
 Typedefed as Gtk::TreeModel::iterator. More...

class  TreeIterBase
class  TreeModel
 This class defines a generic tree interface for use by the Gtk::TreeView widget. More...

class  TreeModelColumn
 Generic TreeModelColumn template. More...

class  TreeModelColumnBase
 Base class of TreeModelColumn templates. More...

class  TreeModelColumnRecord
 Typedefed as TreeModel::ColumnRecord. More...

class  TreeModelSort
class  TreeNodeChildren
 typdefed as TreeModel::Children. More...

class  TreePath
 Typedefed as Gtk::TreeModel::Path. More...

class  TreeRow
 Typedefed as TreeModel::Row. More...

class  TreeRowReference
 Typedefed as Gtk::TreeModel::RowReference. More...

class  TreeSelection
 Typedefed as Gtk::TreeView::Selection. More...

class  TreeSortable
class  TreeStore
class  TreeValueProxy
class  TreeView
class  TreeViewColumn
 Typedefed as Gtk::TreeView::Column. More...

class  VBox
 Vertical Box for laying widgets in a vertical row. More...

class  VButtonBox
 A container for arranging button horizontally. More...

class  Viewport
class  VPaned
 The Gtk::VPaned widget is a container widget with two children arranged horizontally. More...

class  VRuler
 Vertical Ruler. More...

class  VScale
 A vertical slider for selecting values. More...

class  VScrollbar
 A vertical scrollbar. More...

class  VSeparator
 Vertical line widget. More...

class  Widget
 Abstract Widget (Base class for all widgets). More...

class  Window
 Toplevel Window This represents all widgets which are physical windows controlled by the window manager. More...

class  WindowGroup


typedef Glib::ArrayHandle<
TargetEntry, TargetEntry_Traits > 


enum  PackOptions {
 Packing options for adding child widgets to a Box with pack_start() and pack_end(). More...

enum  { BUTTONBOX_DEFAULT = -1 }
enum  CalendarDisplayOptions {
enum  CellRendererState {
enum  CellRendererMode {
enum  ResponseType {
enum  AccelFlags {
  ACCEL_VISIBLE = 1 << 0,
  ACCEL_LOCKED = 1 << 1,
  ACCEL_MASK = 0x07
enum  AnchorType {
enum  ArrowType {
 Used to indicate the direction in which a Gtk::Arrow should point. More...

enum  AttachOptions {
  EXPAND = 1 << 0,
  SHRINK = 1 << 1,
  FILL = 1 << 2
 Denotes the expansion properties that a widget will have when it (or its parent) is resized. More...

enum  ButtonBoxStyle {
enum  CurveType {
enum  DeleteType {
enum  DirectionType {
enum  ExpanderStyle {
enum  BuiltinIconSize {
enum  TextDirection {
enum  Justification {
enum  MenuDirectionType {
enum  MetricType {
enum  MovementStep {
enum  Orientation {
enum  CornerType {
enum  PackType {
enum  PathPriorityType {
  PATH_PRIO_RC = 12,
enum  PathType {
enum  PolicyType {
enum  PositionType {
enum  ReliefStyle {
enum  ResizeMode {
enum  ScrollType {
enum  SelectionMode {
enum  ShadowType {
enum  StateType {
enum  ToolbarStyle {
enum  UpdateType {
enum  Visibility {
enum  WindowPosition {
enum  WindowType {
enum  WrapMode {
enum  SortType {
enum  ImageType {
enum  MessageType {
enum  ButtonsType {
enum  NotebookTab {
enum  ProgressBarStyle {
enum  ProgressBarOrientation {
enum  RcFlags {
  RC_FG = 1 << 0,
  RC_BG = 1 << 1,
  RC_TEXT = 1 << 2,
  RC_BASE = 1 << 3
enum  SizeGroupMode {
enum  SpinButtonUpdatePolicy {
enum  SpinType {
enum  { INPUT_ERROR = -1 }
enum  TextSearchFlags {
enum  TextWindowType {
enum  ToolbarChildType {
enum  TreeModelFlags {
enum  TreeViewDropPosition {
enum  TreeViewColumnSizing {
enum  DestDefaults {
enum  WidgetFlags {
  TOPLEVEL = 1 << 4,
  NO_WINDOW = 1 << 5,
  REALIZED = 1 << 6,
  MAPPED = 1 << 7,
  VISIBLE = 1 << 8,
  SENSITIVE = 1 << 9,
  CAN_FOCUS = 1 << 11,
  HAS_FOCUS = 1 << 12,
  CAN_DEFAULT = 1 << 13,
  HAS_DEFAULT = 1 << 14,
  HAS_GRAB = 1 << 15,
  RC_STYLE = 1 << 16,
  COMPOSITE_CHILD = 1 << 17,
  NO_REPARENT = 1 << 18,
  APP_PAINTABLE = 1 << 19,
enum  WidgetHelpType {


CalendarDisplayOptions operator| (CalendarDisplayOptions lhs, CalendarDisplayOptions rhs)
CalendarDisplayOptions operator& (CalendarDisplayOptions lhs, CalendarDisplayOptions rhs)
CalendarDisplayOptions operator^ (CalendarDisplayOptions lhs, CalendarDisplayOptions rhs)
CalendarDisplayOptions operator~ (CalendarDisplayOptions flags)
CalendarDisplayOptionsoperator|= (CalendarDisplayOptions& lhs, CalendarDisplayOptions rhs)
CalendarDisplayOptionsoperator&= (CalendarDisplayOptions& lhs, CalendarDisplayOptions rhs)
CalendarDisplayOptionsoperator^= (CalendarDisplayOptions& lhs, CalendarDisplayOptions rhs)
CellRendererState operator| (CellRendererState lhs, CellRendererState rhs)
CellRendererState operator& (CellRendererState lhs, CellRendererState rhs)
CellRendererState operator^ (CellRendererState lhs, CellRendererState rhs)
CellRendererState operator~ (CellRendererState flags)
CellRendererStateoperator|= (CellRendererState& lhs, CellRendererState rhs)
CellRendererStateoperator&= (CellRendererState& lhs, CellRendererState rhs)
CellRendererStateoperator^= (CellRendererState& lhs, CellRendererState rhs)
AccelFlags operator| (AccelFlags lhs, AccelFlags rhs)
AccelFlags operator& (AccelFlags lhs, AccelFlags rhs)
AccelFlags operator^ (AccelFlags lhs, AccelFlags rhs)
AccelFlags operator~ (AccelFlags flags)
AccelFlagsoperator|= (AccelFlags& lhs, AccelFlags rhs)
AccelFlagsoperator&= (AccelFlags& lhs, AccelFlags rhs)
AccelFlagsoperator^= (AccelFlags& lhs, AccelFlags rhs)
AttachOptions operator| (AttachOptions lhs, AttachOptions rhs)
AttachOptions operator& (AttachOptions lhs, AttachOptions rhs)
AttachOptions operator^ (AttachOptions lhs, AttachOptions rhs)
AttachOptions operator~ (AttachOptions flags)
AttachOptionsoperator|= (AttachOptions& lhs, AttachOptions rhs)
AttachOptionsoperator&= (AttachOptions& lhs, AttachOptions rhs)
AttachOptionsoperator^= (AttachOptions& lhs, AttachOptions rhs)
RcFlags operator| (RcFlags lhs, RcFlags rhs)
RcFlags operator& (RcFlags lhs, RcFlags rhs)
RcFlags operator^ (RcFlags lhs, RcFlags rhs)
RcFlags operator~ (RcFlags flags)
RcFlagsoperator|= (RcFlags& lhs, RcFlags rhs)
RcFlagsoperator&= (RcFlags& lhs, RcFlags rhs)
RcFlagsoperator^= (RcFlags& lhs, RcFlags rhs)
TreeModelFlags operator| (TreeModelFlags lhs, TreeModelFlags rhs)
TreeModelFlags operator& (TreeModelFlags lhs, TreeModelFlags rhs)
TreeModelFlags operator^ (TreeModelFlags lhs, TreeModelFlags rhs)
TreeModelFlags operator~ (TreeModelFlags flags)
TreeModelFlagsoperator|= (TreeModelFlags& lhs, TreeModelFlags rhs)
TreeModelFlagsoperator&= (TreeModelFlags& lhs, TreeModelFlags rhs)
TreeModelFlagsoperator^= (TreeModelFlags& lhs, TreeModelFlags rhs)
DestDefaults operator| (DestDefaults lhs, DestDefaults rhs)
DestDefaults operator& (DestDefaults lhs, DestDefaults rhs)
DestDefaults operator^ (DestDefaults lhs, DestDefaults rhs)
DestDefaults operator~ (DestDefaults flags)
DestDefaultsoperator|= (DestDefaults& lhs, DestDefaults rhs)
DestDefaultsoperator&= (DestDefaults& lhs, DestDefaults rhs)
DestDefaultsoperator^= (DestDefaults& lhs, DestDefaults rhs)
WidgetFlags operator| (WidgetFlags lhs, WidgetFlags rhs)
WidgetFlags operator& (WidgetFlags lhs, WidgetFlags rhs)
WidgetFlags operator^ (WidgetFlags lhs, WidgetFlags rhs)
WidgetFlags operator~ (WidgetFlags flags)
WidgetFlagsoperator|= (WidgetFlags& lhs, WidgetFlags rhs)
WidgetFlagsoperator&= (WidgetFlags& lhs, WidgetFlags rhs)
WidgetFlagsoperator^= (WidgetFlags& lhs, WidgetFlags rhs)

Typedef Documentation

typedef Glib::ArrayHandle<TargetEntry, TargetEntry_Traits> Gtk::ArrayHandle_TargetEntry

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum Gtk::PackOptions

Packing options for adding child widgets to a Box with pack_start() and pack_end().

Enumeration values:
PACK_SHRINK  Space is contracted to the child widget size.
PACK_EXPAND_PADDING  Space is expanded with extra space filled with padding.
PACK_EXPAND_WIDGET  Space is expanded with extra space filled by increasing the child widget size.

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