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Gtk::FontSelection Class Reference

A widget for selecting fonts. More...

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Public Methods

virtual ~FontSelection ()
GtkFontSelection* gobj ()
const GtkFontSelection* gobj () const
 FontSelection ()
Glib::ustring get_font_name () const
bool set_font_name (const Glib::ustring& fontname)
Glib::ustring get_preview_text () const
void set_preview_text (const Glib::ustring& fontname)
Entryget_font_entry ()
const Entryget_font_entry () const
Entryget_font_style_entry ()
const Entryget_font_style_entry () const
Entryget_size_entry ()
const Entryget_size_entry () const
RadioButtonget_pixels_button ()
const RadioButtonget_pixels_button () const
RadioButtonget_points_button ()
const RadioButtonget_points_button () const
Buttonget_filter_button ()
const Buttonget_filter_button () const
Entryget_preview_entry ()
const Entryget_preview_entry () const
Glib::PropertyProxy<Glib::ustringproperty_font_name ()
Glib::PropertyProxy<Glib::ustringproperty_preview_text ()

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Gtk::FontSelection* wrap (GtkFontSelection* object, bool take_copy=false)

Detailed Description

A widget for selecting fonts.

The Gtk::FontSelection widget lists the available fonts, styles and sizes, allowing the user to select a font. It is used in the Gtk::FontSelectionDialog widget to provide a dialog box for selecting fonts.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Gtk::FontSelection::~FontSelection (   [virtual]

Gtk::FontSelection::FontSelection (  

Member Function Documentation

const Button* Gtk::FontSelection::get_filter_button (   const

Button* Gtk::FontSelection::get_filter_button (  

const Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_font_entry (   const

Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_font_entry (  

Glib::ustring Gtk::FontSelection::get_font_name (   const

const Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_font_style_entry (   const

Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_font_style_entry (  

const RadioButton* Gtk::FontSelection::get_pixels_button (   const

RadioButton* Gtk::FontSelection::get_pixels_button (  

const RadioButton* Gtk::FontSelection::get_points_button (   const

RadioButton* Gtk::FontSelection::get_points_button (  

const Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_preview_entry (   const

Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_preview_entry (  

Glib::ustring Gtk::FontSelection::get_preview_text (   const

const Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_size_entry (   const

Entry* Gtk::FontSelection::get_size_entry (  

const GtkFontSelection* Gtk::FontSelection::gobj (   const [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::VBox.

GtkFontSelection* Gtk::FontSelection::gobj (   [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::VBox.

Glib::PropertyProxy<Glib::ustring> Gtk::FontSelection::property_font_name (  

Glib::PropertyProxy<Glib::ustring> Gtk::FontSelection::property_preview_text (  

bool Gtk::FontSelection::set_font_name ( const Glib::ustring   fontname

void Gtk::FontSelection::set_preview_text ( const Glib::ustring   fontname

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Gtk::FontSelection* wrap ( GtkFontSelection*    object,
bool    take_copy = false

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