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Gtk::HandleBox Class Reference
[WidgetsContainer Widgets]

A widget for detachable window portions. More...

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Public Methods

virtual ~HandleBox ()
GtkHandleBox* gobj ()
const GtkHandleBox* gobj () const
 HandleBox ()
void set_shadow_type (ShadowType type)
ShadowType get_shadow_type () const
 Gets the type of shadow drawn around the handle box.

void set_handle_position (PositionType position)
PositionType get_handle_position () const
 Gets the handle position of the handle box.

void set_snap_edge (PositionType edge)
PositionType get_snap_edge () const
 Gets the edge used for determining reattachment of the handle box.

Glib::SignalProxy1< void,
Widget* > 
signal_child_attached ()
Glib::SignalProxy1< void,
Widget* > 
signal_child_detached ()
Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Windowget_bin_window ()
Glib::RefPtr<const Gdk::Windowget_bin_window () const
Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Windowget_float_window ()
Glib::RefPtr<const Gdk::Windowget_float_window () const
bool is_child_detached () const
bool is_float_window_mapped () const
bool is_in_drag () const
bool shrinks_on_detach () const
Glib::PropertyProxy<ShadowTypeproperty_shadow_type ()
Glib::PropertyProxy<PositionTypeproperty_handle_position ()
Glib::PropertyProxy<PositionTypeproperty_snap_edge ()

Protected Methods

virtual void on_child_attached (Widget* child)
virtual void on_child_detached (Widget* child)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Gtk::HandleBox* wrap (GtkHandleBox* object, bool take_copy=false)

Detailed Description

A widget for detachable window portions.

The Gtk::HandleBox widget allows a portion of a window to be "torn off". It displays its child and a handle that the user can drag to tear off a separate window (the float window) containing the child widget. A thin ghost is drawn in the original location of the handlebox. By dragging the separate window back to its original location, it can be reattached. When reattaching, the ghost and float window must be aligned along one of the edges, the snap edge. This can be specified by the application programmer explicitely, or GTK+ will pick a reasonable default based on the handle position. To make detaching and reattaching the handlebox as minimally confusing as possible to the user, it is important to set the snap edge so that the snap edge does not move when the handlebox is deattached. For instance, if the handlebox is packed at the bottom of a VBox, then when the handlebox is detached, the bottom edge of the handlebox's allocation will remain fixed as the height of the handlebox shrinks, so the snap edge should be set to GTK_POS_BOTTOM.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Gtk::HandleBox::~HandleBox (   [virtual]

Gtk::HandleBox::HandleBox (  

Member Function Documentation

Glib::RefPtr<const Gdk::Window> Gtk::HandleBox::get_bin_window (   const

Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window> Gtk::HandleBox::get_bin_window (  

Glib::RefPtr<const Gdk::Window> Gtk::HandleBox::get_float_window (   const

Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window> Gtk::HandleBox::get_float_window (  

PositionType Gtk::HandleBox::get_handle_position (   const

Gets the handle position of the handle box.

See set_handle_position().

The current handle position.

ShadowType Gtk::HandleBox::get_shadow_type (   const

Gets the type of shadow drawn around the handle box.

See set_shadow_type().

The type of shadow currently drawn around the handle box.

PositionType Gtk::HandleBox::get_snap_edge (   const

Gets the edge used for determining reattachment of the handle box.

See set_snap_edge().

The edge used for determining reattachment, or (GtkPositionType)-1 if this is determined (as per default) from the handle position.

const GtkHandleBox* Gtk::HandleBox::gobj (   const [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::Bin.

GtkHandleBox* Gtk::HandleBox::gobj (   [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::Bin.

bool Gtk::HandleBox::is_child_detached (   const

bool Gtk::HandleBox::is_float_window_mapped (   const

bool Gtk::HandleBox::is_in_drag (   const

virtual void Gtk::HandleBox::on_child_attached ( Widget   child [protected, virtual]

virtual void Gtk::HandleBox::on_child_detached ( Widget   child [protected, virtual]

Glib::PropertyProxy<PositionType> Gtk::HandleBox::property_handle_position (  

Glib::PropertyProxy<ShadowType> Gtk::HandleBox::property_shadow_type (  

Glib::PropertyProxy<PositionType> Gtk::HandleBox::property_snap_edge (  

void Gtk::HandleBox::set_handle_position ( PositionType    position

void Gtk::HandleBox::set_shadow_type ( ShadowType    type

void Gtk::HandleBox::set_snap_edge ( PositionType    edge

bool Gtk::HandleBox::shrinks_on_detach (   const

Glib::SignalProxy1<void,Widget*> Gtk::HandleBox::signal_child_attached (  

void child_attached(Widget* child)

Glib::SignalProxy1<void,Widget*> Gtk::HandleBox::signal_child_detached (  

void child_detached(Widget* child)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Gtk::HandleBox* wrap ( GtkHandleBox*    object,
bool    take_copy = false

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