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Gtk::RC Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Methods

 RC (const Glib::ustring& filename)

Static Public Methods

Glib::RefPtr<Styleget_style (const Widget& widget)
void parse_string (const Glib::ustring& rc_string)
void add_default_file (const Glib::ustring& filename)
void set_default_files (const Glib::StringArrayHandle& filenames)
Glib::StringArrayHandle get_default_files ()
bool reparse_all ()
Glib::ustring find_pixmap_in_path (const Glib::RefPtr<Settings>& settings, GScanner* scanner, const Glib::ustring& pixmap_file)
Glib::ustring find_module_in_path (const Glib::ustring& pixmap_file)
Glib::ustring get_theme_dir ()
Glib::ustring get_module_dir ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gtk::RC::RC ( const Glib::ustring   filename

Member Function Documentation

void Gtk::RC::add_default_file ( const Glib::ustring   filename [static]

Glib::ustring Gtk::RC::find_module_in_path ( const Glib::ustring   pixmap_file [static]

Glib::ustring Gtk::RC::find_pixmap_in_path ( const Glib::RefPtr<Settings>&    settings,
GScanner*    scanner,
const Glib::ustring   pixmap_file

Glib::StringArrayHandle Gtk::RC::get_default_files (   [static]

Glib::ustring Gtk::RC::get_module_dir (   [static]

Glib::RefPtr<Style> Gtk::RC::get_style ( const Widget   widget [static]

Glib::ustring Gtk::RC::get_theme_dir (   [static]

void Gtk::RC::parse_string ( const Glib::ustring   rc_string [static]

bool Gtk::RC::reparse_all (   [static]

void Gtk::RC::set_default_files ( const Glib::StringArrayHandle   filenames [static]

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