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Gtk::MenuShell Class Reference
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The abstract base class for Gtk::Menu and Gtk::MenuBar. More...

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Public Types

typedef Menu_Helpers::AccelKey AccelKey
typedef Menu_Helpers::MenuList MenuList

Public Methods

virtual ~MenuShell ()
GtkMenuShell* gobj ()
const GtkMenuShell* gobj () const
void append (MenuItem& menu_item)
void prepend (MenuItem& menu_item)
void insert (MenuItem& menu_item, int position)
void select_item (MenuItem& menu_item)
void deselect ()
void activate_item (MenuItem& menu_item, bool force_deactivate=false)
void select_first (bool search_sensitive=true)
 Select the first visible or selectable child of the menu shell; don't select tearoff items unless the only item is a tearoff item.

void deactivate ()
Glib::SignalProxy0<void> signal_deactivate ()
Glib::SignalProxy0<void> signal_selection_done ()
Glib::SignalProxy1< void,
signal_move_current ()
Glib::SignalProxy1< void,
bool > 
signal_activate_current ()
Glib::SignalProxy0<void> signal_cancel ()
MenuListitems ()
const MenuListitems () const
void accelerate (Window& window)
 Initializes menu accelerators.

void accelerate (Widget& parent)
 Initializes menu accelerators.

Protected Methods

virtual void on_deactivate ()
virtual void on_selection_done ()
virtual void on_move_current (MenuDirectionType direction)
virtual void on_activate_current (bool force_hide)
virtual void on_cancel ()
 MenuShell ()


class Menu_Helpers::MenuList

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Gtk::MenuShell* wrap (GtkMenuShell* object, bool take_copy=false)

Detailed Description

The abstract base class for Gtk::Menu and Gtk::MenuBar.

It is a container of Gtk::MenuItem objects arranged in a list which can be navigated, selected, and activated by the user to perform application functions. It can have a submenu associated with it, allowing for nested hierarchical menus. You can use append(), prepend() and insert() to add Gtk::MenuItem widgets, but you will probably find it more convenient to use the STL-style items() interface with the Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem() class.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Menu_Helpers::AccelKey Gtk::MenuShell::AccelKey

typedef Menu_Helpers::MenuList Gtk::MenuShell::MenuList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Gtk::MenuShell::~MenuShell (   [virtual]

Gtk::MenuShell::MenuShell (   [protected]

Member Function Documentation

void Gtk::MenuShell::accelerate ( Widget   parent

Initializes menu accelerators.

Does the same as the accelerate(Window& window) method. But you can use any parent widget where the menu is used. This method then gets the toplevel window using Widget::get_toplevel() and uses this window for registering the menu accelerators.

parent Parent widget used as starting point for searching the toplevel window.

void Gtk::MenuShell::accelerate ( Window   window

Initializes menu accelerators.

This method initializes the menu accelerators. Therefore an AccelGroup object is needed which is stored in each Window object in the Gtkmm library implementation.

When using MenuBar and OptionMenu objects this method is called automatically when the menus are realized. Because most likely the MenuBar and OptionMenu is attached to a window at this time and the window object can be found automatically.

Important note when using popup menus: If you are using accelerated menu entries inside a popup menu you have to call the accelerate() method manually. This is because the popup menu is not connected to any window and the accelerators should be initialized even before the popup menu is shown. The right place to call the accelerate() method is right after the popup menu has been build.

window Window where the menu is shown. Inside this window the AccelGroup object is stored that will be used to initialize the accelerators.

void Gtk::MenuShell::activate_item ( MenuItem   menu_item,
bool    force_deactivate = false

void Gtk::MenuShell::append ( MenuItem   menu_item

void Gtk::MenuShell::deactivate (  

void Gtk::MenuShell::deselect (  

const GtkMenuShell* Gtk::MenuShell::gobj (   const [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::Container.

Reimplemented in Gtk::Menu, and Gtk::MenuBar.

GtkMenuShell* Gtk::MenuShell::gobj (   [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::Container.

Reimplemented in Gtk::Menu, and Gtk::MenuBar.

void Gtk::MenuShell::insert ( MenuItem   menu_item,
int    position

const MenuList& Gtk::MenuShell::items (   const

MenuList& Gtk::MenuShell::items (  

virtual void Gtk::MenuShell::on_activate_current ( bool    force_hide [protected, virtual]

virtual void Gtk::MenuShell::on_cancel (   [protected, virtual]

virtual void Gtk::MenuShell::on_deactivate (   [protected, virtual]

virtual void Gtk::MenuShell::on_move_current ( MenuDirectionType    direction [protected, virtual]

virtual void Gtk::MenuShell::on_selection_done (   [protected, virtual]

void Gtk::MenuShell::prepend ( MenuItem   menu_item

void Gtk::MenuShell::select_first ( bool    search_sensitive = true

Select the first visible or selectable child of the menu shell; don't select tearoff items unless the only item is a tearoff item.

Since: 2.2

search_sensitive If true, search for the first selectable menu item, otherwise select nothing if the first item isn't sensitive. This should be false if the menu is being popped up initially.

void Gtk::MenuShell::select_item ( MenuItem   menu_item

Glib::SignalProxy1<void,bool> Gtk::MenuShell::signal_activate_current (  

void activate_current(bool force_hide)

Glib::SignalProxy0<void> Gtk::MenuShell::signal_cancel (  

void cancel()

Glib::SignalProxy0<void> Gtk::MenuShell::signal_deactivate (  

void deactivate()

Glib::SignalProxy1<void,MenuDirectionType> Gtk::MenuShell::signal_move_current (  

void move_current(MenuDirectionType direction)

Glib::SignalProxy0<void> Gtk::MenuShell::signal_selection_done (  

void selection_done()

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Menu_Helpers::MenuList [friend]

Gtk::MenuShell* wrap ( GtkMenuShell*    object,
bool    take_copy = false

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