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Gtk::IconSize Class Reference

Represents registered icon sizes. More...

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Public Methods

 IconSize ()
 IconSize (BuiltinIconSize size)
 IconSize (int size)
 operator int () const

Static Public Methods

bool lookup (IconSize size, int& width, int& height)
IconSize register_new (const Glib::ustring& name, int width, int height)
void register_alias (const Glib::ustring& alias, IconSize target)
IconSize from_name (const Glib::ustring& name)
Glib::ustring get_name (IconSize size)

Detailed Description

Represents registered icon sizes.

You can also use a Gtk::BuiltinIconSize instead of an IconSize.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Gtk::IconSize::IconSize (   [inline]

Gtk::IconSize::IconSize ( BuiltinIconSize    size [inline]

Gtk::IconSize::IconSize ( int    size [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

IconSize Gtk::IconSize::from_name ( const Glib::ustring   name [static]

Glib::ustring Gtk::IconSize::get_name ( IconSize    size [static]

bool Gtk::IconSize::lookup ( IconSize    size,
int&    width,
int&    height

Gtk::IconSize::operator int (   const [inline]

void Gtk::IconSize::register_alias ( const Glib::ustring   alias,
IconSize    target

IconSize Gtk::IconSize::register_new ( const Glib::ustring   name,
int    width,
int    height

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