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Gtk::Table Class Reference
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Pack widgets in regular patterns. More...

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Public Types

typedef Table_Helpers::TableList TableList

Public Methods

virtual ~Table ()
GtkTable* gobj ()
const GtkTable* gobj () const
 Table (guint n_rows=1, guint n_columns=1, bool homogeneous=false)
void attach (Widget& child, guint left_attach, guint right_attach, guint top_attach, guint bottom_attach, AttachOptions xoptions=FILL|EXPAND, AttachOptions yoptions=FILL|EXPAND, guint xpadding=0, guint ypadding=0)
void resize (guint rows, guint columns)
void set_row_spacing (guint row, guint spacing)
guint get_row_spacing (guint row) const
 Gets the amount of space between row row , and row row + 1.

void set_col_spacing (guint column, guint spacing)
guint get_col_spacing (guint column) const
 Gets the amount of space between column col , and column col + 1.

void set_row_spacings (guint spacing)
void set_col_spacings (guint spacing)
void set_spacings (guint spacing)
guint get_default_row_spacing ()
 Gets the default row spacing for the table.

guint get_default_col_spacing ()
 Gets the default column spacing for the table.

void set_homogeneous (bool homogeneous=true)
bool get_homogeneous () const
 Returns whether the table cells are all constrained to the same width and height.

TableListchildren ()
const TableListchildren () const
Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> property_n_rows ()
Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> property_n_columns ()
Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> property_column_spacing ()
Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> property_row_spacing ()

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Gtk::Table* wrap (GtkTable* object, bool take_copy=false)

Detailed Description

Pack widgets in regular patterns.

Gtk::Table is one of the primary ways of grouping widgets together. It consists of a set of lattice points to to which widgets can be attached. There are rows + 1 lattice points vertically and columns + 1 lattice points horizontally. Lattice points start counting from 0. Lattice points can either be specified to be homogeneous, meaning equally spaced, or not homogeneous, meaning each cell should be calculated based on the widgets contained in the row and column. The homogeneous property defaults to false.

Widgets can be attached to the table by specifying the top, bottom, left and right points corresponding to upper, lefthand lattice point and the lower, righthand lattice point which the widget should span. Widgets can either be contained in a cell or may span cells. A number of options control the resizing behavior of widgets contained in the table.

Table sizing:
There are a number of packing options that can be specified when adding a widget. With Gtk::EXPAND, the lattice is allowed to grow to fill space. With Gtk::SHRINK, the lattice is allowed to shrink when resized. It is also possible to specify the behaviour of the widgets allocation within the table. The flag Gtk::FILL declares the widget should grow to fill lattice. If this is not set any extra space is used as padding. The default is (Gtk::FILL | Gtk::EXPAND).

The table size is calculated based on the size of the widgets contained within and the restrictions imposed by specified options. Padding and spacing can be used in the table. Padding is added on either side of a widget, while spacing is placed between widgets.

See also:
Gtk::HBox, Gtk::VBox

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef Table_Helpers::TableList Gtk::Table::TableList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Gtk::Table::~Table (   [virtual]

Gtk::Table::Table ( guint    n_rows = 1,
guint    n_columns = 1,
bool    homogeneous = false

Member Function Documentation

void Gtk::Table::attach ( Widget   child,
guint    left_attach,
guint    right_attach,
guint    top_attach,
guint    bottom_attach,
AttachOptions    xoptions = FILL|EXPAND,
AttachOptions    yoptions = FILL|EXPAND,
guint    xpadding = 0,
guint    ypadding = 0

const TableList& Gtk::Table::children (   const

TableList& Gtk::Table::children (  

guint Gtk::Table::get_col_spacing ( guint    column const

Gets the amount of space between column col , and column col + 1.

See set_col_spacing().

column A column in the table, 0 indicates the first column.
The column spacing.

guint Gtk::Table::get_default_col_spacing (  

Gets the default column spacing for the table.

This is the spacing that will be used for newly added columns. (See set_col_spacings())

Value: the default column spacing.

guint Gtk::Table::get_default_row_spacing (  

Gets the default row spacing for the table.

This is the spacing that will be used for newly added rows. (See set_row_spacings())

Value: the default row spacing.

bool Gtk::Table::get_homogeneous (   const

Returns whether the table cells are all constrained to the same width and height.

(See gtk_table_set_homogenous())

true if the cells are all constrained to the same size.

guint Gtk::Table::get_row_spacing ( guint    row const

Gets the amount of space between row row , and row row + 1.

See set_row_spacing().

row A row in the table, 0 indicates the first row.
The row spacing.

const GtkTable* Gtk::Table::gobj (   const [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::Container.

GtkTable* Gtk::Table::gobj (   [inline]

Reimplemented from Gtk::Container.

Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> Gtk::Table::property_column_spacing (  

Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> Gtk::Table::property_n_columns (  

Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> Gtk::Table::property_n_rows (  

Glib::PropertyProxy<guint> Gtk::Table::property_row_spacing (  

void Gtk::Table::resize ( guint    rows,
guint    columns

void Gtk::Table::set_col_spacing ( guint    column,
guint    spacing

void Gtk::Table::set_col_spacings ( guint    spacing

void Gtk::Table::set_homogeneous ( bool    homogeneous = true

void Gtk::Table::set_row_spacing ( guint    row,
guint    spacing

void Gtk::Table::set_row_spacings ( guint    spacing

void Gtk::Table::set_spacings ( guint    spacing

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Gtk::Table* wrap ( GtkTable*    object,
bool    take_copy = false

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