HTML Parameter Reference

Norman Walsh

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This is reference documentation for all user-configurable parameters in the DocBook XSL HTML stylesheets (for generating HTML output).

Table of Contents

I. Admonitions — Extension for admonition graphics — Path to admonition graphics — Use graphics in admonitions?
admon.textlabel — Use text label in admonitions? — CSS style attributes for admonitions
II. Callouts
callout.defaultcolumn — Indicates what column callouts appear in by default — Extension for callout graphics — Number of the largest callout graphic — Path to callout graphics — Use graphics for callouts?
callout.list.table — Present callout lists using a table?
callout.unicode.number.limit — Number of the largest callout graphic
callout.unicode.start.character — First Unicode character to use, decimal value.
callout.unicode — Use Unicode characters rather than images for callouts.
callouts.extension — Enable the callout extension
ebnf.table.bgcolor — Background color for EBNF tables
ebnf.table.border — Selects border on EBNF tables
ebnf.assignment — The EBNF production assignment operator
ebnf.statement.terminator — Punctuation that ends an EBNF statement.
IV. ToC/LoT/Index Generation
annotate.toc — Annotate the Table of Contents?
autotoc.label.separator — Separator between labels and titles in the ToC — Include lable in hyperlinked titles in TOC?
process.source.toc — Process a non-empty toc element if it occurs in a source document?
process.empty.source.toc — Generate automated TOC if toc element occurs in a source document? — Should bridgehead elements appear in the TOC? — Should simplesect elements appear in the TOC?
manual.toc — An explicit TOC to be used for the TOC
toc.list.type — Type of HTML list element to use for Tables of Contents
toc.section.depth — How deep should recursive sections appear in the TOC?
toc.max.depth — How maximaly deep should be each TOC?
generate.toc — Control generation of ToCs and LoTs
generate.section.toc.level — Control depth of TOC generation in sections
generate.index — Do you want an index?
index.method — Select method used to group index entries in an index
index.on.type — Select indexterms based on type attribute value
index.on.role — Select indexterms based on role value
index.prefer.titleabbrev — Should be abbreviated titles used as back references
index.term.separator — Override for punctuation separating an index term from its list of page references in an index
index.number.separator — Override for punctuation separating page numbers in index
index.range.separator — Override for punctuation separating the two numbers in a page range in index
V. Stylesheet Extensions
linenumbering.everyNth — Indicate which lines should be numbered
linenumbering.extension — Enable the line numbering extension
linenumbering.separator — Specify a separator between line numbers and lines
linenumbering.width — Indicates the width of line numbers
tablecolumns.extension — Enable the table columns extension function
textinsert.extension — Enable the textinsert extension element
textdata.default.encoding — Default encoding of external text files which are included using textdata element
graphicsize.extension — Enable the getWidth()/getDepth() extension functions
graphicsize.use.img.src.path — Prepend img.src.path before filenames passed to extension functions
use.extensions — Enable extensions
VI. Automatic labelling
chapter.autolabel — Specifies the labeling format for Chapter titles
appendix.autolabel — Specifies the labeling format for Appendix titles
part.autolabel — Specifies the labeling format for Part titles
reference.autolabel — Specifies the labeling format for Reference titles
preface.autolabel — Specifices the labeling format for Preface titles
qandadiv.autolabel — Are divisions in QAndASets enumerated?
section.autolabel — Are sections enumerated?
section.autolabel.max.depth — The deepest level of sections that are numbered.
section.label.includes.component.label — Do section labels include the component label?
label.from.part — Renumber chapters in each part?
component.label.includes.part.label — Do component labels include the part label?
html.base — An HTML base URI
html.stylesheet.type — The type of the stylesheet used in the generated HTML
html.stylesheet — Name of the stylesheet(s) to use in the generated HTML
css.decoration — Enable CSS decoration of elements
spacing.paras — Insert additional <p> elements for spacing? — Pass emphasis role attribute through to HTML? — Pass para role attribute through to HTML? — Pass phrase role attribute through to HTML? — Pass entry role attribute through to HTML?
html.longdesc — Should longdesc URIs be created? — Should a link to the longdesc be included in the HTML?
make.valid.html — Attempt to make sure the HTML output is valid HTML
html.cleanup — Attempt to clean up the resulting HTML?
html.append — Specifies content to append to HTML output
draft.mode — Select draft mode
draft.watermark.image — The URI of the image to be used for draft watermarks
generate.meta.abstract — Generate HTML META element from abstract?
VIII. XSLT Processing
rootid — Specify the root element to format
suppress.navigation — Disable header and footer navigation
suppress.header.navigation — Disable header navigation
suppress.footer.navigation — Disable footer navigation
header.rule — Rule under headers?
footer.rule — Rule over footers?
id.warnings — Should warnings be generated for titled elements without IDs?
IX. Meta/*Info and Titlepages
inherit.keywords — Inherit keywords from ancestor elements?
make.single.year.ranges — Print single-year ranges (e.g., 1998-1999)
make.year.ranges — Collate copyright years into ranges? — Is othername in author a middle name?
blurb.on.titlepage.enabled — Display personblurb and authorblurb on title pages?
contrib.inline.enabled — Display contrib output inline?
editedby.enabled — Display “Edited by” heading above editor name? — Display othercredit in same style as author? — Write legalnotice to separate chunk and generate link? — Write revhistory to separate chunk and generate link? — Specifies link types for legalnotice link in html head — Generate multiple link instances in html head for legalnotice?
X. Reference Pages
funcsynopsis.decoration — Decorate elements of a FuncSynopsis? — What style of 'FuncSynopsis' should be generated?
funcsynopsis.tabular.threshold — Width beyond which a tabular presentation will be used
function.parens — Generate parens after a function? — Output NAME header before 'RefName'(s)?
refentry.generate.title — Output title before 'RefName'(s)?
refentry.xref.manvolnum — Output manvolnum as part of refentry cross-reference? — Generate URL links when cross-referencing RefEntrys?
refentry.separator — Generate a separator between consecutive RefEntry elements?
refclass.suppress — Suppress display of refclass contents?
XI. Tables
default.table.width — The default width of tables
nominal.table.width — The (absolute) nominal width of tables
table.borders.with.css — Use CSS to specify table, row, and cell borders?
table.frame.border.thickness — Specifies the thickness of the frame border
default.table.frame — The default framing of tables
html.cellspacing — Default value for cellspacing in HTML tables
html.cellpadding — Default value for cellpadding in HTML tables
qanda.defaultlabel — Sets the default for defaultlabel on QandASet.
qanda.inherit.numeration — Does enumeration of QandASet components inherit the numeration of parent elements? — Should nested answer/qandaentry instances appear in TOC?
XIII. Linking
target.database.document — Name of master database file for resolving olinks
targets.filename — Name of cross reference targets data file
olink.base.uri — Base URI used in olink hrefs — Process olinks using xref style of current document
current.docid — targetdoc identifier for the document being processed
olink.doctitle — show the document title for external olinks?
olink.debug — Turn on debugging messages for olinks — Properties associated with the cross-reference text of an olink.
olink.lang.fallback.sequence — look up translated documents if olink not found? — Turns page numbers in olinks on and off
insert.olink.pdf.frag — Add fragment identifiers for links into PDF files
prefer.internal.olink — Prefer a local olink reference to an external reference
link.mailto.url — Mailto URL for the LINK REL=made HTML HEAD element — The HTML anchor target for ULinks
olink.fragid — Names the fragment identifier portion of an OLink resolver query
olink.outline.ext — The extension of OLink outline files
olink.pubid — Names the public identifier portion of an OLink resolver query
olink.sysid — Names the system identifier portion of an OLink resolver query
olink.resolver — The root name of the OLink resolver (usually a script)
XIV. Cross References
collect.xref.targets — Controls whether cross reference data is collected — Turns page numbers in xrefs on and off — Use role attribute for xrefstyle on xref?
xref.with.number.and.title — Use number and title in cross references
xref.label-page.separator — Punctuation or space separating label from page number in xref
xref.label-title.separator — Punctuation or space separating label from title in xref
xref.title-page.separator — Punctuation or space separating title from page number in xref
XV. Lists — Format segmented lists as tables? — Format variablelists as tables?
variablelist.term.separator — Text to separate terms within a multi-term varlistentry
variablelist.term.break.after — Generate line break after each term within a multi-term varlistentry?
XVI. Bibliography
biblioentry.item.separator — Text to separate bibliography entries
bibliography.collection — Name of the bibliography collection file
bibliography.numbered — Should bibliography entries be numbered?
XVII. Glossary — Generate links from glossterm to glossentry automaticaly? — Does automatic glossterm linking only apply to firstterms?
glossary.collection — Name of the glossary collection file — Display glossentry acronyms?
XVIII. Miscellaneous
formal.procedures — Selects formal or informal procedures
formal.title.placement — Specifies where formal object titles should occur
runinhead.default.title.end.punct — Default punctuation character on a run-in-head
runinhead.title.end.punct — Characters that count as punctuation on a run-in-head
show.comments — Display comment elements?
show.revisionflag — Enable decoration of elements that have a revisionflag
shade.verbatim — Should verbatim environments be shaded? — Properties that specify the style of shaded verbatim listings
punct.honorific — Punctuation after an honorific in a personal name. — TeX notation used for equations
tex.math.file — Name of temporary file for generating images from equations
tex.math.delims — Should be equations outputed for processing by TeX automatically surrounded by math mode delimiters
pixels.per.inch — How many pixels are there per inch?
points.per.em — Specify the nominal size of an em-space in points
use.svg — Allow SVG in the result tree?
menuchoice.separator — Separator between items of a menuchoice other than guimenuitem and guisubmenu — Separator between items of a menuchoice with guimenuitem or guisubmenu
default.float.class — Specifies the default float class
footnote.number.format — Identifies the format used for footnote numbers
table.footnote.number.format — Identifies the format used for footnote numbers in tables
footnote.number.symbols — Special characters to use as footnote markers
table.footnote.number.symbols — Special characters to use a footnote markers in tables
highlight.source — Should be content of programlisting syntactically highlighted?
highlight.default.language — Default language of programlisting
email.delimiters.enabled — Generate delimiters around email addresses?
XIX. Annotations — Enable annotations?
annotation.js — Enable annotations?
annotation.css — Enable annotations? — Enable annotations?
annotation.graphic.close — Enable annotations?
XX. Graphics
img.src.path — Path to HTML image files
keep.relative.image.uris — Should image URIs be resolved against xml:base?
graphic.default.extension — Default extension for graphic filenames
default.image.width — The default width of images
nominal.image.width — The nominal image width
nominal.image.depth — Nominal image depth
use.embed.for.svg — Use HTML embed for SVG?
make.graphic.viewport — Use tables in HTML to make viewports for graphics
preferred.mediaobject.role — Select which mediaobject to use based on this value of an object's role attribute.
use.role.for.mediaobject — Use role attribute value for selecting which of several objects within a mediaobject to use.
ignore.image.scaling — Tell the stylesheets to ignore the author's image scaling attributes
XXI. Chunking
chunker.output.cdata-section-elements — List of elements to escape with CDATA sections
chunker.output.doctype-public — Public identifer to use in the document type of generated pages
chunker.output.doctype-system — System identifier to use for the document type in generated pages
chunker.output.encoding — Encoding used in generated pages
chunker.output.indent — Specification of indentation on generated pages — Media type to use in generated pages
chunker.output.method — Method used in generated pages
chunker.output.omit-xml-declaration — Omit-xml-declaration for generated pages
chunker.output.standalone — Standalone declaration for generated pages
saxon.character.representation — Saxon character representation used in generated HTML pages
html.ext — Identifies the extension of generated HTML files — Use ID value of chunk elements as the filename?
html.extra.head.links — Toggle extra HTML head link information
root.filename — Identifies the name of the root HTML file when chunking
base.dir — The base directory of chunks
generate.manifest — Generate a manifest file?
manifest — Name of manifest file — Should be manifest file written in $base.dir?
chunk.toc — An explicit TOC to be used for chunking
chunk.tocs.and.lots — Should ToC and LoTs be in separate chunks?
chunk.separate.lots — Should each LoT be in its own separate chunk?
chunk.tocs.and.lots.has.title — Should ToC and LoTs in a separate chunks have title?
chunk.section.depth — Depth to which sections should be chunked
chunk.first.sections — Chunk the first top-level section?
chunk.quietly — Omit the chunked filename messages.
chunk.append — Specifies content to append to chunked HTML output — Use graphics in navigational headers and footers? — Extension for navigational graphics — Path to navigational graphics
navig.showtitles — Display titles in HTML headers and footers?
XXII. Profiling
profile.arch — Target profile for arch attribute
profile.condition — Target profile for condition attribute
profile.conformance — Target profile for conformance attribute
profile.lang — Target profile for lang attribute
profile.os — Target profile for os attribute
profile.revision — Target profile for revision attribute
profile.revisionflag — Target profile for revisionflag attribute
profile.role — Target profile for role attribute — Target profile for security attribute
profile.status — Target profile for status attribute
profile.userlevel — Target profile for userlevel attribute
profile.vendor — Target profile for vendor attribute
profile.attribute — Name of user-specified profiling attribute
profile.value — Target profile for user-specified attribute
profile.separator — Separator character for compound profile values
htmlhelp.encoding — Character encoding to use in files for HTML Help compiler.
htmlhelp.autolabel — Should tree-like ToC use autonumbering feature?
htmlhelp.chm — Filename of output HTML Help file.
htmlhelp.default.topic — Name of file with default topic
htmlhelp.display.progress — Display compile progress?
htmlhelp.hhp — Filename of project file.
htmlhelp.hhc — Filename of TOC file.
htmlhelp.hhk — Filename of index file.
htmlhelp.hhp.tail — Additional content for project file.
htmlhelp.hhp.window — Name of default window. — Definition of additional windows
htmlhelp.enhanced.decompilation — Allow enhanced decompilation of CHM?
htmlhelp.enumerate.images — Should be paths to all used images added to project file? — Should be [MAP] and [ALIAS] section added to project file unconditionaly? — Filename of map file.
htmlhelp.alias.file — Filename of map file.
htmlhelp.hhc.section.depth — Depth of TOC for sections in a left pane. — Should be entry for root element shown in ToC?
htmlhelp.hhc.folders.instead.books — Use folder icons in ToC (instead of book icons)?
htmlhelp.hhc.binary — Generate binary ToC?
htmlhelp.hhc.width — Width of navigation (ToC) pane
htmlhelp.title — Title of HTML Help — Should be menu shown? — Show text under toolbar buttons? — Should be advanced search available? — Should be favorities tab shown?
htmlhelp.button.hideshow — Should be Hide/Show button shown?
htmlhelp.button.back — Should be Back button shown?
htmlhelp.button.forward — Should be Forward button shown?
htmlhelp.button.stop — Should be Stop button shown?
htmlhelp.button.refresh — Should be Refresh button shown?
htmlhelp.button.home — Should be Home button shown?
htmlhelp.button.home.url — URL address of page accessible by Home button
htmlhelp.button.options — Should be Options button shown?
htmlhelp.button.print — Should be Print button shown?
htmlhelp.button.locate — Should be Locate button shown?
htmlhelp.button.jump1 — Should be Jump1 button shown?
htmlhelp.button.jump1.url — URL address of page accessible by Jump1 button
htmlhelp.button.jump1.title — Title of Jump1 button
htmlhelp.button.jump2 — Should be Jump2 button shown?
htmlhelp.button.jump2.url — URL address of page accessible by Jump2 button
htmlhelp.button.jump2.title — Title of Jump2 button — Should be Next button shown?
htmlhelp.button.prev — Should be Prev button shown?
htmlhelp.button.zoom — Should be Zoom button shown?
htmlhelp.remember.window.position — Remember help window position?
htmlhelp.window.geometry — Set initial geometry of help window
htmlhelp.use.hhk — Should be index built using HHK file?
htmlhelp.only — Should be only project files generated?
XXIV. Eclipse Help Platform
eclipse.autolabel — Should tree-like ToC use autonumbering feature? — Eclipse Help plugin name — Eclipse Help plugin id
eclipse.plugin.provider — Eclipse Help plugin provider name
XXV. Localization
l10n.gentext.language — Sets the gentext language
l10n.gentext.default.language — Sets the default language for generated text
l10n.gentext.use.xref.language — Use the language of target when generating cross-reference text?
l10n.lang.value.rfc.compliant — Make value of lang attribute RFC compliant?
A. The Stylesheet