Name — TeX notation used for equations


<xsl:param name="" select="''"></xsl:param>


If you want type math directly in TeX notation in equations, this parameter specifies notation used. Currently are supported two values -- plain and latex. Empty value means that you are not using TeX math at all.

Preferred way for including TeX alternative of math is inside of textobject element. Eg.:

<imagedata fileref="eq1.gif"/>
<textobject><phrase>E=mc squared</phrase></textobject>
<textobject role="tex"><phrase>E=mc^2</phrase></textobject>

If you are using graphic element, you can store TeX inside alt element:

<alt role="tex">a^2+b^2=c^2</alt>
<graphic fileref="a2b2c2.gif"/>  

If you want use this feature, you should process your FO with PassiveTeX, which only supports TeX math notation. When calling stylsheet, don't forget to specify also passivetex.extensions=1.

If you want equations in HTML, just process generated file tex-math-equations.tex by TeX or LaTeX. Then run dvi2bitmap program on result DVI file. You will get images for equations in your document.