appendix.autolabel — Specifies the labeling format for Appendix titles


<xsl:param name="appendix.autolabel" select="'A'"></xsl:param>


If zero, then appendices will not be numbered. Otherwise appendices will be numbered, using the parameter value as the number format if the value matches one of the following:

1 or arabic

Arabic numeration (1, 2, 3 ...).

A or upperalpha

Uppercase letter numeration (A, B, C ...).

a or loweralpha

Lowercase letter numeration (a, b, c ...).

I or upperroman

Uppercase roman numeration (I, II, III ...).

i or lowerroman

Lowercase roman letter numeration (i, ii, iii ...).

Any nonzero value other than the above will generate the default number format (upperalpha).