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31 March 98
by N.Guex


User Guide

General Informations

Swiss-PdbViewer can load and display several molecules simultaneously.
Each molecule is loaded into its own
layer. Each molecule is composed of groups (i.e. amino acids, nucleotides, substrates...). Each group is composed of atoms, whose coordinates are taken directly from a PDB file. Unless many other packages, each time you move or rotate a molecule, the actual coordinates of each atom is modified. When you save back your molecule, its coordinates will be different unless you reset its orientation or the "Save in Original Orientation" item of the File Menu is enabled.


The workspace is divided into several windows

Here lays the main window, where you can manipulate your molecules in real time, measures distances and angles, make mutations and so on...

On the right side, you've got a control Panel, that provides a convenient way to select and manipulate the attriubutes of individual groups.

On the bottom of your screen lays a window that shows the alignment of your proteins, gives some feedback informations and permit to thread a sequence onto a reference in order to submit an homology modelling request to Swiss-Model.