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Deep View

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Note: Some of the manual pages are in PDF format, you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  1. How can I create pictures with SPDBV?

    You can export your current view either as TGA file, which can be included in any text or graphics package. Or you may export a POV scene to be rendered with POV-Ray.
    See "Printing.pdf" for details ....


PC / MS Windows

  1. When installing spdbv, I get an error message "missing glu32.dll" or "missing opengl32.dll". What does it mean?

    This error message means, that OpenGL is not installed correctly on your system. You may either download and install the missing files from the Microsoft FTP server, or

    download opengl32.dll and glu32.dll from here and copy them into your spdbv directory.


SwissModel related

  1. I have problems displaying the SwissModel results with SPDBV. How can I receive the results without using email attachments?

    Normally, SwissModel will return the final model co-ordinates as email attachments. If your mail program has problems opening these attached files, specify "plain ASCII" in the SwissModel submission form. Use a text editor to remove any mail header lines, before loading the results into SPDBV. See "Results.pdf" for details.

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