Index of modules

Arg []
Parsing of command line arguments.
Arith_status []
Flags that control rational arithmetic.
Array [StdLabels]
Array []
Array operations.
Array1 [Bigarray]
One-dimensional arrays.
Array2 [Bigarray]
Two-dimensional arrays.
Array3 [Bigarray]
Three-dimensional arrays.
ArrayLabels []
Array operations.

Big_int []
Operations on arbitrary-precision integers.
Bigarray []
Large, multi-dimensional, numerical arrays.
Buffer []
Extensible string buffers.

Callback []
Registering Caml values with the C runtime.
CamlinternalOO []
Run-time support for objects and classes.
Char []
Character operations.
Complex []
Complex numbers.
Condition []
Condition variables to synchronize between threads.

Dbm []
Interface to the NDBM database.
Digest []
MD5 message digest.
Dynlink []
Dynamic loading of bytecode object files.

Event []
First-class synchronous communication.

Filename []
Operations on file names.
Format []
Pretty printing.

Gc []
Memory management control and statistics; finalised values.
Genarray [Bigarray]
Genlex []
A generic lexical analyzer.
Graphics []
Machine-independent graphics primitives.
GraphicsX11 []
Additional graphics primitives for the X Windows system.

Hashtbl [MoreLabels]
Hashtbl []
Hash tables and hash functions.

Int32 []
32-bit integers.
Int64 []
64-bit integers.

LargeFile [UnixLabels]
This sub-module provides 64-bit variants of the functions UnixLabels.lseek (for positioning a file descriptor), UnixLabels.truncate and UnixLabels.ftruncate (for changing the size of a file), and UnixLabels.stat, UnixLabels.lstat and UnixLabels.fstat (for obtaining information on files).
LargeFile [Unix]
File operations on large files.
LargeFile [Pervasives]
Operations on large files.
Lazy []
Deferred computations.
Lexing []
The run-time library for lexers generated by ocamllex.
List [StdLabels]
List []
List operations.
ListLabels []
List operations.

Make [Weak]
Functor building an implementation of the weak hash table structure.
Make [Set]
Functor building an implementation of the set structure given a totally ordered type.
Make [MoreLabels.Set]
Make [MoreLabels.Map]
Make [MoreLabels.Hashtbl]
Make [Map]
Functor building an implementation of the map structure given a totally ordered type.
Make [Hashtbl]
Functor building an implementation of the hashtable structure.
Map [MoreLabels]
Map []
Association tables over ordered types.
Marshal []
Marshaling of data structures.
MoreLabels []
Extra labeled libraries.
Mutex []
Locks for mutual exclusion.

Nativeint []
Processor-native integers.
Num []
Operation on arbitrary-precision numbers.

Obj []
Operations on internal representations of values.
Oo []
Operations on objects

Parsing []
The run-time library for parsers generated by ocamlyacc.
Pervasives []
The initially opened module.
Printexc []
Facilities for printing exceptions.
Printf []
Formatted output functions.

Queue []
First-in first-out queues.

Random []
Pseudo-random number generator (PRNG).

Scanf []
Formatted input functions.
Scanning [Scanf]
Scanning buffers.
Set []
Sets over ordered types.
Set [MoreLabels]
Sort []
Sorting and merging lists.
Stack []
Last-in first-out stacks.
StdLabels []
Standard labeled libraries.
Str []
Regular expressions and high-level string processing
Stream []
Streams and parsers.
String []
String operations.
String [StdLabels]
StringLabels []
String operations.
Sys []
System interface.

Thread []
Lightweight threads for Posix 1003.1c and Win32.
ThreadUnix []
Thread-compatible system calls.
Tk []
Basic functions and types for LablTk

Unix []
Interface to the Unix system
UnixLabels []
Interface to the Unix system.

Weak []
Arrays of weak pointers and hash tables of weak pointers.