Module Scanf.Scanning

module Scanning: sig  end
Scanning buffers.

type scanbuf
The type of scanning buffers. A scanning buffer is the argument passed to the scanning functions used by the scanf family of functions. The scanning buffer holds the current state of the scan, plus a function to get the next char from the input, and a token buffer to store the string matched so far.

val from_string : string -> scanbuf
Scanning.from_string s returns a scanning buffer which reads from the given string. Reading starts from the first character in the string. The end-of-input condition is set when the end of the string is reached.
val from_channel : Pervasives.in_channel -> scanbuf
Scanning.from_channel inchan returns a scanning buffer which reads from the input channel inchan, at the current reading position.
val from_function : (unit -> char) -> scanbuf
Scanning.from_function f returns a scanning buffer with the given function as its reading method. When scanning needs one more character, the given function is called. When the function has no more character to provide, it must set an end-of-input condition by raising the exception End_of_file.