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Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child:

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Public Methods

_GtkBoxChildgobj ()
const _GtkBoxChildgobj () const
Widgetget_widget () const
guint16 get_padding () const
bool get_expand () const
bool get_fill () const
bool get_pack () const
void set_options (PackOptions options, guint padding=0)
void set_options (bool expand, bool fill, guint padding=0)
void set_pack (PackType pack)

Protected Methods

GtkBox* parent ()
void redraw ()

Member Function Documentation

bool Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::get_expand (   const [inline]

bool Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::get_fill (   const [inline]

bool Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::get_pack (   const [inline]

guint16 Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::get_padding (   const [inline]

Widget* Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::get_widget (   const

const _GtkBoxChild* Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::gobj (   const [inline]

_GtkBoxChild* Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::gobj (   [inline]

GtkBox* Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::parent (   [inline, protected]

void Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::redraw (   [protected]

void Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::set_options ( bool    expand,
bool    fill,
guint    padding = 0

void Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::set_options ( PackOptions    options,
guint    padding = 0

void Gtk::Box_Helpers::Child::set_pack ( PackType    pack

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