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dopewars is a game simulating the life of a drug dealer in 1984 New York, based upon the MS-DOS game of the same name, in turn derived from "Drug Wars" by John E. Dell. The aim of the game is to make lots and lots of money, but unfortunately you start the game with a hefty debt to the loan shark (who charges equally hefty interest) and the cops take a rather dim view of drug dealing...

dopewars expands upon the MS-DOS version by introducing multiplayer functions. With the aid of dopewars servers, several players (computer or human) can roam New York (or some other city, chosen by the operator of the server) and attempt to shoot other players and steal their lucrative drugs.

dopewars is written on the RedHat Linux platform, and should run on most varieties of Unix, as well as under Microsoft Windows. The source code is freely available under the GNU General Public License.

For more information on the current state of dopewars, check out the webpage.

Last update: 15-10-2002
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