dopewars and Microsoft Windows

dopewars now runs natively on Win32 systems (95, 98, NT, 2000). It runs by default as a dopewars client, using the familiar Windows interface. However, if you prefer the "original look" text mode interface, this is still available; just right click on a shortcut to dopewars, and add -t to the end of the command line. To run a dopewars server, add -s instead.

Binaries can be obtained from the main download site, or dopewars will compile with the free Cygwin tools under Win32. dopewars uses the GLib library, which can be obtained for Windows from The installation procedure is the same as that for Unix systems - download the tarball, extract the files, change into the created directory, run the configure script, and then make. This builds a native Win32 binary, which does not need the Cygwin libraries to run. See the INSTALL file in the source code distribution (.tar.gz file) for further details.

In virtually all respects, the Unix and Win32 versions of dopewars should be identical. Both will accept the same command line parameters and configuration options. However, since the standard Unix paths for the high score file and configuration files do not translate well to Windows, by default the program will look for both the high score file dopewars.sco in the current directory, and will read a global configuration file dopewars-config.txt from the directory in which the dopewars binary was installed, followed by a per-user configuration file of the same name in the working directory.

Last update: 19-10-2002
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