Credits and acknowledgements

dopewars is derived from the MS-DOS game of the same name (author unknown).

This is turn was based upon the MS-DOS game "Drug Wars", by John E. Dell.

dopewars is written by and is copyright of Ben Webb.

Pivotal to the development of dopewars were and are the following:-

Dan Wolf for uncountable numbers of useful suggestions for the structure of the multiplayer game, drawing upon a disturbing knowledge of the drugs world. He also undertook scary amounts of research (i.e. playing the game) to assist with the re-engineering of the MS-DOS version, and plays the game to an unhealthy extent (as is witnessed by his high scores on many dopewars servers).

Phil Davis, Caroline Moore, Katherine Holt and Andrea Elliot-Smith for extensive play testing of early versions of dopewars, despite the large amounts of "real" work which they were supposed to be doing, and despite the many dodgy bugs, as well as for providing suggestions, even if they were often rude. You know who you are.

Owen Walsh and Pete Winn for yet more play testing, and for consequently doing very little research in vastly more important fields...

James Matthews for providing absolutely no useful suggestions, but providing vital assistance with the Officer Bob code.

Mike Meyer for providing several modifications to version 1.4.3, as well as spotting many of his own and my bugs...

Matt Higgins for a couple of patches to version 1.4.4.

Tony Brown for assistance with using dopewars via. enforced web proxies.

Leon Breedt for writing a manpage, and creating a Debian package.

Ocelot Mantis for graphics and ideas for improvements.

Tobias Mathes, Slawomir Molenda, Leonard, Quique, Åsmund Skjæveland and Hugo Cisneiros for translating dopewars into other languages.

Last update: 05-08-2002
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