VECFEM3 Reference Manual: xvem

Type: command


xvem - graphical user interface to use VECFEM


xvem [<working_directory>]


xvem is the graphical user interface to use VECFEM. It based on the Tcl/Tk tool kit. xvem contains menus for the definition of VECFEM options, menus to control the solution procedure and tool for definition the functional equation and mesh generation. All files read and written by xvem and called programs are in the directory where xvem has been called. By giving the option <working_directory> the current directory is changed to <working_directory> before xvem is started. The options of xvem that has been changed by the user are written to the file .xvem.option in the home directory of the user when xvem is quite. The xvem document is available on-line.


The shell variable $VECFEM_ROOT are set by the shell script 'vempfade', which is started by xvem, see vemcompile.


$HOME/.xvem.option user's xvem option 
$VECFEM_ROOT/xvem/ the Tcl/Tk script of xvem
$VECFEM_ROOT/xvem/*.gif images
$VECFEM_ROOT/xvem/help/* help documents
$VECFEM_ROOT/xvem/help/pic/*.gif images of the help document
$VECFEM_ROOT/xvem/examples/* examples 
$VECFEM_ROOT/xvem/include/* code/script portions

xvem calls the command 'wish' of the Tcl/Tk tool kit and scripts vembuild, vemcompile, vemrun, vemtar, vemhint and vempost in the directory $VECFEM_ROOT/vemtool.


vecfem, vembuild, vemcompile, vemrun, vemtar, vemhint, vempost.




Program by M. Moujahed, T. Nordmeyer, L. Grosz, S. Scheffrahn, 1994-96. Copyrights by Universitaet Karlsruhe 1989-1996. Copyrights by Lutz Grosz 1996. All rights reserved. More details see VECFEM.

By Lutz Grosz, Auckland, 31 May, 2000.