VECFEM3 Reference Manual: vemtar

Type: command


vemtar - creates a tar file of VECFEM results


vemtar [-{da}] <workpiece>


vemtar gather all (readable) files involved in the solution procedure of VECFEM for the problem <workpiece> into the compressed tar-file <workpiece>.tar.Z. It considers the resource file <workpiece>.resource, the eqaution file <workpiece>.equation, the FORTRAN program <workpiece>.f, the run time protocol <workpiece>.log, the file list <workpiece>.lst and all mesh files and solution files. vemtar has to be called from the ksh shell.


Only the mesh files and result files listed in <workpiece>.lst are deleted.
All considered files are deleted after tar and compress.


To gather all files involved in the solution of problem test and to delete all mesh and solution files enter

   ~> vemtar -d test

into your shell. To rebuild the files use the command

   ~> uncompress -c test.tar.Z | tar xf -



VECFEM, xvem, vembuild, vemrun, tar(1), compress(1), uncompress(1)


Program by L. Grosz, 1996. Copyrights by Universitaet Karlsruhe 1989-1996. Copyrights by Lutz Grosz 1996. All rights reserved. More details see VECFEM.