VECFEM3 Reference Manual: vemhint

Type: command


vemhint - gives hints to the VECFEM output


vemhint [ -html ] <file_name>


vemhint searches for error messages in the messages of a VECFEM routine written to file <file_name>. It give hints to the reasons of the found errors and what the user can do to remove this errors. Hints entitled by experts has to be considered by users, who works with the VECFEM-library directly or have changed the code generated by vembuild. If the option -html is set the output is a HTML document else the document is formatted by nroff(1). vemhint has to be called from the ksh shell.


The shell variables $VECFEM_ROOT is set by the shell script vempfade, which is started by vemhint (see vemcompile).



file name of the VECFEM messages


list of the VECFEM


temporary files


VECFEM, xvem, vembuild, vemcompile, vemrun, vemlst


Program by L. Grosz, 1996. Copyrights by Universitaet Karlsruhe 1989-1996. Copyrights by Lutz Grosz 1996. All rights reserved. More details see VECFEM.