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ZVT Terminal Widget

The ZVT Terminal Widget (zvtterm) provides high level access to a xterm-compliant terminal emulator which can be used for terminal emulation or as a high performance text output engine with scroll-back and selection facilities.

the chapter called API Reference contains the detailed function call descriptions of all publically callable functions.

the chapter called Implementation notes covers some implementation ideas and issues that will guide the implementor.

A few brief notes on future plans are include in the chapter called Future plans.

Creating a Terminal

The following functions are available to create a terminal:

  • - create a default widget.

  • - create a widget with a specified terminal size.

Unless there are specific reasons not to, you should normally use zvt_term_new_with_size() to create a new terminal. Otherwise you must be careful of the order you perform size operations on the terminal. It would normally make sense to call zvt_term_set_size() before the widget is realized anyway.