Chapter 12. Dialogs

Table of Contents
Dialogs Introduction
Layers, Channels and Paths Dialog
The Preferences Dialog
New File Settings
Display Settings
Interface Settings
Environment Settings
Session Management
Monitor Settings
The Brush Selection Dialog
The Brush Editor Dialog
The Gradient Selection Dialog
Gradient Editor
Copy Gradient
Delete Gradient
New Gradient
Rename Gradient
Replicate Segment
Save as PovRay
Split Segments Uniformly
The Pattern Selection Dialog
The Color Palette Dialog
The Palette Editor
Delete Palette
Import Palette
Merge Palette
New Palette
Indexed Palette
Input Devices
The Device Status Dialog
The Document Index Dialog
The Error Console Dialog
Undo History
The Standard GIMP Color Selector
The GTK Color Selector
The Triangle Color Selector
The Watercolor Color Selector
Edit Qmask Attributes

Dialogs Introduction

This chapter contains descriptions of all GIMP dialogs.