bcel API: Uses of Interface org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals.Subroutine

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Subroutine
org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals Provides a PassVerifier class mostly used internally by JustIce, yielding a control flow graph for public use as a nice side effect. 

Uses of Subroutine in org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals

Fields in org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals declared as Subroutine
 Subroutine Subroutines.TOPLEVEL
          This is referring to a special subroutine, namely the top level.

Methods in org.apache.bcel.verifier.structurals that return Subroutine
 Subroutine Subroutines.getSubroutine(InstructionHandle leader)
          Returns the Subroutine object associated with the given leader (that is, the first instruction of the subroutine).
 Subroutine Subroutines.subroutineOf(InstructionHandle any)
          Returns the subroutine object associated with the given instruction.
 Subroutine Subroutines.getTopLevel()
          For easy handling, the piece of code that is not a subroutine, the top-level, is also modeled as a Subroutine object.
 Subroutine[] Subroutine.subSubs()
          Returns the subroutines that are directly called from this subroutine.