List Of Wordsets

block BLOCK-EXT Block + extensions
core CORE-EXT Core words + extensions
debug PFE-DEBUG Debugger words
double DOUBLE-EXT Double number + extensions
exception EXCEPTION-EXT Exception + extensions
facility FACILITY-EXT Facility + extensions
file FILE-EXT File-access + extensions
floating FLOATING-EXT Floating point + extensions
forth_83 FORTH-83 compatibility
locals LOCALS-EXT Locals + extensions
lpf83 FORTH-83-L&P Laxen&Perry extensions
memory MEMORY-ALLOC-EXT Memory allocation
misc PFE-MISC Compatibility + miscellaneous
noexport ~ extra definitions which may be not exported
p4ed EDIT - builtin forth editor
search SEARCH-ORDER-EXT Search-order + extensions
shell PFE-SHELL Shell words
signals PFE-SIG System Signals Extension
string STRING-EXT String + extensions
system PFE-SYSTEM system words - mostly posix
term PFE-TERM terminal interface(s)
toolkit TOOLS-EXT Programming-Tools + parts of extensions
your PFE-SMART Kernel extensions