BonoboPlug — Toplevel for embedding into other processes.


struct      BonoboPlug;
struct      BonoboPlugPrivate;
struct      BonoboPlugClass;
void        bonobo_plug_construct           (BonoboPlug *plug,
                                             guint32 socket_id);
GtkWidget*  bonobo_plug_new                 (guint32 socket_id);

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

BonoboPlug implements AtkImplementorIface.


  "event-forwarding"     gboolean             : Read / Write


This is an internal support routine of the X code in Bonobo.

Together with BonoboSocket, BonoboPlug provides the ability to embed widgets from one process into another process in a fashion that is transparent to the user. One process creates a BonoboSocket widget and, passes the XID of that widgets window to the other process, which then creates a BonoboPlug window with that XID. Any widgets contained in the BonoboPlug then will appear inside the first applications window.

This code is a modified copy of GtkPlug, it is included in bonobo since this forked version could be effectively bug fixed, and integrated with the BonoboControl / BonoboControlframe CORBA pipe, to ensure synchronization between the X and CORBA transports.


struct BonoboPlug

struct BonoboPlug;

struct BonoboPlugPrivate

struct BonoboPlugPrivate;

struct BonoboPlugClass

struct BonoboPlugClass {

	GtkPlugClass parent_class;

	gpointer dummy[4];

bonobo_plug_construct ()

void        bonobo_plug_construct           (BonoboPlug *plug,
                                             guint32 socket_id);

Finish the creation of a BonoboPlug widget. This function will generally only be used by classes deriving from BonoboPlug.

plug : The BonoboPlug.
socket_id : the XID of the socket's window.

bonobo_plug_new ()

GtkWidget*  bonobo_plug_new                 (guint32 socket_id);

Create a new plug widget inside the GtkSocket identified by socket_id.

socket_id : the XID of the socket's window.
Returns : the new BonoboPlug widget.


"event-forwarding" (gboolean : Read / Write)

Whether X events should be forwarded.

See Also

BonoboSocket, BonoboControlFrame.