Jakarta-Regexp 1.2 API: Package org.apache.regexp

Package org.apache.regexp

Interface Summary
CharacterIterator Encapsulates different types of character sources - String, InputStream, ...

Class Summary
CharacterArrayCharacterIterator Encapsulates String
RE RE is an efficient, lightweight regular expression evaluator/matcher class.
ReaderCharacterIterator Encapsulates InputStream, ...
recompile 'recompile' is a command line tool that pre-compiles one or more regular expressions for use with the regular expression matcher class 'RE'.
RECompiler A regular expression compiler class.
REDebugCompiler A subclass of RECompiler which can dump a regular expression program for debugging purposes.
REDemo Interactive demonstration and testing harness for regular expressions classes.
REProgram A class that holds compiled regular expressions.
RETest Data driven (and optionally interactive) testing harness to exercise regular expression compiler and matching engine.
REUtil This is a class that contains utility helper methods for this package.
StreamCharacterIterator Encapsulates InputStream, ...
StringCharacterIterator Encapsulates String

Exception Summary
RESyntaxException Exception thrown to indicate a syntax error in a regular expression.

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