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  • Thorsten Brehm:
    A Toolkit for Multi-View Tracing of Haskell Programs
    Master's Thesis, RWTH Aachen, 2001, 130 pages.
    Postscript (225 KB)

  • Malcolm Wallace, Olaf Chitil, Thorsten Brehm, and Colin Runciman:
    Multiple-View Tracing for Haskell: a New Hat
    Proceedings of the Haskell Workshop 2001, Firenze, Italy.

    Different tracing systems for Haskell give different views of a program at work. In practice, several views are complementary and can productively be used together. Until now each system has generated its own trace, containing only the information needed for its particular view. Here we present the design of a trace that can serve several views. The trace is generated and written to file as the computation proceeds. We have implemented both the generation of the trace and several different viewers.
    Postscript (106 KB)

  • Olaf Chitil, Colin Runciman and Malcolm Wallace:
    Freja, Hat and Hood - A Comparative Evaluation of Three Systems for Tracing and Debugging Lazy Functional Programs
    Markus Mohnen and Pieter Koopman (eds): Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Implementation of Functional Languages, Aachen, Germany, September 4th - 7th 2000, LNCS 2011, 2001, pp. 176-193.

    In this paper we compare three systems for tracing and debugging Haskell programs: Freja, Hat and Hood. We evaluate their usefulness in practice by applying them to a number of moderately complex programs in which errors had deliberately been introduced. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of each system and then form ideas on how the systems can be improved further.
    Postscript (84 KB)

  • Colin Runciman:
    Advanced Redex Trails: Project Proposal

Hat is the successor of an earlier project and builds on its work which is described in the following publications:
  • Jan Sparud and Colin Runciman:
    Tracing Lazy Functional Computations Using Redex Trails
    (PLILP'97) (.ps.gz)

  • Jan Sparud and Colin Runciman:
    Complete and Partial Redex Trails of Functional Computations
    (IFL'97) (.ps.gz)

  • Jan Sparud:
    Tracing and Debugging Lazy Functional Computations
    (PhD thesis, 1999) (.ps.gz)

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