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Glib::Markup Namespace Reference

group Markup More...


class  AttributeKeyLess
 Binary predicate used by Markup::Parser::AttributeMap. More...

class  ParseContext
 A parse context is used to parse marked-up documents. More...

class  Parser
 The abstract markup parser base class. More...


typedef Glib::MarkupError Error


enum  ParseFlags { DO_NOT_USE_THIS_UNSUPPORTED_FLAG = 1 << 0 }
 There are no flags right now. More...


Glib::ustring escape_text (const Glib::ustring& text)
 Escapes text so that the markup parser will parse it verbatim.

ParseFlags operator| (ParseFlags lhs, ParseFlags rhs)
ParseFlags operator& (ParseFlags lhs, ParseFlags rhs)
ParseFlags operator^ (ParseFlags lhs, ParseFlags rhs)
ParseFlags operator~ (ParseFlags flags)
ParseFlagsoperator|= (ParseFlags& lhs, ParseFlags rhs)
ParseFlagsoperator&= (ParseFlags& lhs, ParseFlags rhs)
ParseFlagsoperator^= (ParseFlags& lhs, ParseFlags rhs)

Detailed Description

group Markup
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