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Glib::Ascii Namespace Reference
[Unicode Manipulation]


double strtod (const std::string& str)
 Converts a string to a double value.

double strtod (const std::string& str, std::string::size_type& end_index, std::string::size_type start_index=0)
 Converts a string to a double value.

std::string dtostr (double d)
 Converts a double to a string, using the '.' as decimal point.

bool isalnum (char c)
bool isalpha (char c)
bool iscntrl (char c)
bool isdigit (char c)
bool isgraph (char c)
bool islower (char c)
bool isprint (char c)
bool ispunct (char c)
bool isspace (char c)
bool isupper (char c)
bool isxdigit (char c)
char tolower (char c)
char toupper (char c)
int digit_value (char c)
int xdigit_value (char c)

Function Documentation

int digit_value ( char    c [inline]

bool isalnum ( char    c [inline]

bool isalpha ( char    c [inline]

bool iscntrl ( char    c [inline]

bool isdigit ( char    c [inline]

bool isgraph ( char    c [inline]

bool islower ( char    c [inline]

bool isprint ( char    c [inline]

bool ispunct ( char    c [inline]

bool isspace ( char    c [inline]

bool isupper ( char    c [inline]

bool isxdigit ( char    c [inline]

char tolower ( char    c [inline]

char toupper ( char    c [inline]

int xdigit_value ( char    c [inline]

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