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Glib::SignalTimeout Class Reference
[The Main Event Loop]

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Public Methods

SigC::Connection connect (const SigC::Slot0<bool>& slot, unsigned int interval, int priority=PRIORITY_DEFAULT)
 Connects a timeout handler.

Member Function Documentation

SigC::Connection Glib::SignalTimeout::connect ( const SigC::Slot0<bool>&    slot,
unsigned int    interval,
int    priority = PRIORITY_DEFAULT

Connects a timeout handler.

 Glib::signal_timeout().connect(SigC::slot(&timeout_handler), 1000);
is equivalent to:
 const Glib::RefPtr<Glib::TimeoutSource> timeout_source = Glib::TimeoutSource::create(1000);
slot A slot to call when interval elapsed.
interval The timeout in milliseconds.
priority The priority of the new event source.
A connection handle, which can be used to disconnect the handler.

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