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Glib::Private< T > Class Template Reference

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef void(* DestructorFunc )(void*)

Public Methods

 Private (DestructorFunc destructor_func=& Private<T>::delete_ptr)
T* get ()
void set (T* data)
GPrivate* gobj ()

Static Public Methods

void delete_ptr (void* data)

template <class T>
class Glib::Private< T >

Member Typedef Documentation

template <class T>
typedef void(* Glib::Private<T>::DestructorFunc)(void*)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template <class T>
Glib::Private<T>::Private ( DestructorFunc    destructor_func = &Private< T >::delete_ptr [inline, explicit]

Member Function Documentation

template <class T>
void Glib::Private<T>::delete_ptr ( void*    data [static]

template <class T>
T* Glib::Private<T>::get (   [inline]

template <class T>
GPrivate* Glib::Private<T>::gobj (   [inline]

template <class T>
void Glib::Private<T>::set ( T*    data [inline]

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