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Glib::Date Class Reference

Julian calendar date. More...

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef guint8 Day
typedef guint16 Year
enum  Month {
enum  Weekday {
enum  DMY {

Public Methods

 Date ()
 Date (Day day, Month month, Year year)
 Date (guint32 julian_day)
void clear ()
void set_parse (const Glib::ustring& str)
void set_time (GTime time)
void set_month (Month month)
void set_day (Day day)
void set_year (Year year)
void set_dmy (Day day, Month month, Year year)
void set_julian (guint32 julian_day)
Date& add_days (int n_days)
Date& subtract_days (int n_days)
Date& add_months (int n_months)
Date& subtract_months (int n_months)
Date& add_years (int n_years)
Date& subtract_years (int n_years)
int days_between (const Date& rhs) const
int compare (const Date& rhs) const
Date& clamp (const Date& min_date, const Date& max_date)
void order (Date& other)
Weekday get_weekday () const
Month get_month () const
Year get_year () const
Day get_day () const
guint32 get_julian () const
unsigned int get_day_of_year () const
unsigned int get_monday_week_of_year () const
unsigned int get_sunday_week_of_year () const
bool is_first_of_month () const
bool is_last_of_month () const
Glib::ustring format_string (const Glib::ustring& format) const
 Convert date to string.

void to_struct_tm (struct tm& dest) const
bool valid () const

Static Public Methods

guint8 get_days_in_month (Month month, Year year)
guint8 get_monday_weeks_in_year (Year year)
guint8 get_sunday_weeks_in_year (Year year)
bool is_leap_year (Year year)
bool valid_day (Day day)
bool valid_month (Month month)
bool valid_year (Year year)
bool valid_weekday (Weekday weekday)
bool valid_julian (guint32 julian_day)
bool valid_dmy (Day day, Month month, Year year)

Static Public Attributes

const Day BAD_DAY = 0
const Year BAD_YEAR = 0
const guint32 BAD_JULIAN = 0

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

bool operator== (const Date& lhs, const Date& rhs)
bool operator!= (const Date& lhs, const Date& rhs)
bool operator< (const Date& lhs, const Date& rhs)
bool operator> (const Date& lhs, const Date& rhs)
bool operator<= (const Date& lhs, const Date& rhs)
bool operator>= (const Date& lhs, const Date& rhs)

Detailed Description

Julian calendar date.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef guint8 Glib::Date::Day

typedef guint16 Glib::Date::Year

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Glib::Date::Date (  

Glib::Date::Date ( Day    day,
Month    month,
Year    year

Glib::Date::Date ( guint32    julian_day [explicit]

Member Function Documentation

Date& Glib::Date::add_days ( int    n_days

Date& Glib::Date::add_months ( int    n_months

Date& Glib::Date::add_years ( int    n_years

Date& Glib::Date::clamp ( const Date&    min_date,
const Date&    max_date

void Glib::Date::clear (  

int Glib::Date::compare ( const Date&    rhs const

int Glib::Date::days_between ( const Date&    rhs const

Glib::ustring Glib::Date::format_string ( const Glib::ustring   format const

Convert date to string.

format A format string as used by strftime(), in UTF-8 encoding. Only date formats are allowed, the result of time formats is undefined.
The formatted date string.

Day Glib::Date::get_day (   const

unsigned int Glib::Date::get_day_of_year (   const

guint8 Glib::Date::get_days_in_month ( Month    month,
Year    year

guint32 Glib::Date::get_julian (   const

unsigned int Glib::Date::get_monday_week_of_year (   const

guint8 Glib::Date::get_monday_weeks_in_year ( Year    year [static]

Month Glib::Date::get_month (   const

unsigned int Glib::Date::get_sunday_week_of_year (   const

guint8 Glib::Date::get_sunday_weeks_in_year ( Year    year [static]

Weekday Glib::Date::get_weekday (   const

Year Glib::Date::get_year (   const

bool Glib::Date::is_first_of_month (   const

bool Glib::Date::is_last_of_month (   const

bool Glib::Date::is_leap_year ( Year    year [static]

void Glib::Date::order ( Date&    other

void Glib::Date::set_day ( Day    day

void Glib::Date::set_dmy ( Day    day,
Month    month,
Year    year

void Glib::Date::set_julian ( guint32    julian_day

void Glib::Date::set_month ( Month    month

void Glib::Date::set_parse ( const Glib::ustring   str

void Glib::Date::set_time ( GTime    time

void Glib::Date::set_year ( Year    year

Date& Glib::Date::subtract_days ( int    n_days

Date& Glib::Date::subtract_months ( int    n_months

Date& Glib::Date::subtract_years ( int    n_years

void Glib::Date::to_struct_tm ( struct tm&    dest const

bool Glib::Date::valid (   const

bool Glib::Date::valid_day ( Day    day [static]

bool Glib::Date::valid_dmy ( Day    day,
Month    month,
Year    year

bool Glib::Date::valid_julian ( guint32    julian_day [static]

bool Glib::Date::valid_month ( Month    month [static]

bool Glib::Date::valid_weekday ( Weekday    weekday [static]

bool Glib::Date::valid_year ( Year    year [static]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator!= ( const Date&    lhs,
const Date&    rhs

bool operator< ( const Date&    lhs,
const Date&    rhs

bool operator<= ( const Date&    lhs,
const Date&    rhs

bool operator== ( const Date&    lhs,
const Date&    rhs

bool operator> ( const Date&    lhs,
const Date&    rhs

bool operator>= ( const Date&    lhs,
const Date&    rhs

Member Data Documentation

const Day Glib::Date::BAD_DAY = 0 [static]

const guint32 Glib::Date::BAD_JULIAN = 0 [static]

const Year Glib::Date::BAD_YEAR = 0 [static]

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