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Gdk::DisplayManager Class Reference

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Public Methods

virtual ~DisplayManager ()
GdkDisplayManager* gobj ()
const GdkDisplayManager* gobj () const
GdkDisplayManager* gobj_copy ()
Glib::RefPtr<Displayget_default_display ()
 Gets the default Gdk::Display.

Glib::RefPtr<const Displayget_default_display () const
 Gets the default Gdk::Display.

void set_default_display (const Glib::RefPtr<Display>& display)
 Sets display as the default display.

Glib::SListHandle< Glib::RefPtr<
Display > > 
list_displays ()
 List all currently open displays.

Glib::PropertyProxy< Glib::RefPtr<
Display > > 
property_default_display ()
Glib::SignalProxy1< void,
const Glib::RefPtr<Display >&> 
signal_display_opened ()

Static Public Methods

Glib::RefPtr<DisplayManager> get ()

Protected Methods

virtual void on_display_opened (const Glib::RefPtr<Display>& display)

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::DisplayManager> wrap (GdkDisplayManager* object, bool take_copy=false)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Gdk::DisplayManager::~DisplayManager (   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

Glib::RefPtr<DisplayManager> Gdk::DisplayManager::get (   [static]

The singleton Gdk::DisplayManager object. the global Gdk::DisplayManager singleton; gdk_parse_pargs(), gdk_init(), or gdk_init_check() must have been called first.
Since: 2.2.

Glib::RefPtr<const Display> Gdk::DisplayManager::get_default_display (   const

Gets the default Gdk::Display.

A Gdk::Display, or 0 if there is no default display.
Since: 2.2.

Glib::RefPtr<Display> Gdk::DisplayManager::get_default_display (  

Gets the default Gdk::Display.

A Gdk::Display, or 0 if there is no default display.
Since: 2.2.

const GdkDisplayManager* Gdk::DisplayManager::gobj (   const [inline]

Reimplemented from Glib::ObjectBase.

GdkDisplayManager* Gdk::DisplayManager::gobj (   [inline]

Reimplemented from Glib::ObjectBase.

GdkDisplayManager* Gdk::DisplayManager::gobj_copy (  

Glib::SListHandle<Glib::RefPtr<Display>> Gdk::DisplayManager::list_displays (  

List all currently open displays.

A newly allocated G::SList of Gdk::Display objects. Free this list with Glib::slist_free() when you are done with it.
Since: 2.2.

virtual void Gdk::DisplayManager::on_display_opened ( const Glib::RefPtr<Display>&    display [protected, virtual]

Glib::PropertyProxy<Glib::RefPtr<Display>> Gdk::DisplayManager::property_default_display (  

void Gdk::DisplayManager::set_default_display ( const Glib::RefPtr<Display>&    display

Sets display as the default display.

Since: 2.2

display A Gdk::Display.

Glib::SignalProxy1<void,const Glib::RefPtr<Display>&> Gdk::DisplayManager::signal_display_opened (  

void display_opened(const Glib::RefPtr<Display>& display)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::DisplayManager> wrap ( GdkDisplayManager*    object,
bool    take_copy = false

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