Interactive server commands

Available commands are listed below. Please note also that any valid line from a configuration file can be entered at the interactive server's prompt. Note, however, that game options cannot be changed while players are connected. In addition, the current value of any option from the configuration files can be displayed by typing the name of the variable by itself. For example, entering MetaServer.Comment at the prompt will display the comment that the server sends to the metaserver.

Displays a help screen, listing valid server commands and the variables which can be set in configuration files.
Lists the given names of all the players currently logged on to the server.
push Bert
Politely asks the player with the given name Bert to leave the server - i.e. sends a message to the client, which should then finish off and break the connection at the far end.
kill Bert
Abruptly breaks the connection to the player with given name Bert. This is necessary if, for example, the client refuses to acknowledge a "push" message.
msg:Hi all!
Broadcasts the message Hi all! to all players currently connected to this server.
save my-conf
Saves the current configuration (names of drugs, locations, etc.) to the file my-conf. If no file name is given, the configuration is written to the local configuration file - usually ~/.dopewars on Unix systems and dopewars-config.txt on Windows.
Politely quit, by asking all clients to leave, and then terminating once they have done so. An "impolite" quit, which is necessary if the clients fail to respond to this message, is performed on receipt of a SIGINT or SIGTERM signal (i.e. pressing Ctrl-C or killing the process with the "kill" command).

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