Name — Maximum length of extra2 in header/footer


<xsl:param name="">30</xsl:param>


Specifies the maximum permitted length of the extra2 part of the man-page part of the .TH title line header/footer. If the extra2 content exceeds the maxiumum specified, it is truncated down to the maximum permitted length.

The content of the extra2 field is usually displayed in the left footer of the page and is typically "source" data indicating the software system or product that the item documented in the man page belongs to, often in the form Name Version; for example, "GTK+ 1.2" (from the gtk-options(7) man page).

The default value for this parameter is reasonable but somewhat arbitrary. If you are processing pages with long "source" information, you may want to experiment with changing the value in order to achieve the correct aesthetic results.