Manpages Parameter Reference

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This is reference documentation for all user-configurable parameters in the DocBook XSL "manpages" stylesheet (for generating groff/nroff output). Note that the manpages stylesheet is a customization layer of the DocBook XSL HTML stylesheet. Therefore, you can also use a number of HTML stylesheet parameters to control manpages output (in addition to the manpages-specific parameters listed in this section).

Table of Contents

I. Hyphenation, justification, and breaking
man.hyphenate — Enable hyphenation?
man.hyphenate.urls — Hyphenate URLs?
man.hyphenate.filenames — Hyphenate filenames? — Hyphenate computer inlines?
man.justify — Justify text to both right and left margins?
man.break.after.slash — Enable line-breaking after slashes?
II. Indentation
man.indent.width — Specifies width used for adjusted indents
man.indent.refsect — Adjust indentation of refsect* and refsection?
man.indent.blurbs — Adjust indentation of blurbs?
man.indent.lists — Adjust indentation of lists?
man.indent.verbatims — Adjust indentation of verbatims?
III. Fonts
man.font.funcprototype — Specifies font for funcprototype output
man.font.funcsynopsisinfo — Specifies font for funcsynopsisinfo output
man.font.table.headings — Specifies font for table headings
man.font.table.title — Specifies font for table headings
IV. Link handling
man.links.are.numbered — Number links?
man.links.are.underlined — Underline links?
man.links.list.enabled — Display list of links at end of man page?
man.links.list.heading — Specifies an alternate name for links list
V. Lists
man.segtitle.suppress — Suppress display of segtitle contents?
variablelist.term.separator — Text to separate terms within a multi-term varlistentry
variablelist.term.break.after — Generate line break after each term within a multi-term varlistentry?
VI. Character/string substitution
man.charmap.enabled — Apply character map before final output?
man.charmap.uri — URI for custom roff character map
man.charmap.use.subset — Use subset of character map instead of full map?
man.charmap.subset.profile — Profile of character map subset — Specifies a set of string substitutions
VII. Refentry metadata gathering
refentry.meta.get.quietly — Suppress notes and warnings when gathering refentry metadata? — Specifies profile for refentry "date" data — Enable refentry "date" profiling?
refentry.manual.profile — Specifies profile for refentry "manual" data
refentry.manual.profile.enabled — Enable refentry "manual" profiling? — Suppress "name" part of refentry "source" contents? — Specifies profile for refentry "source name" data — Enable refentry "source name" profiling?
refentry.version.suppress — Suppress "version" part of refentry "source" contents?
refentry.version.profile — Specifies profile for refentry "version" data
refentry.version.profile.enabled — Enable refentry "version" profiling?
refentry.manual.fallback.profile — Specifies profile of "fallback" for refentry "manual" data
refentry.source.fallback.profile — Specifies profile of "fallback" for refentry "source" data
VIII. Page header/footer — Suppress extra1 part of header/footer? — Suppress extra2 part of header/footer? — Suppress extra3 part of header/footer? — Maximum length of title in header/footer — Maximum length of extra2 in header/footer — Maximum length of extra3 in header/footer
IX. Output
man.output.manifest.enabled — Generate a manifest file?
man.output.manifest.filename — Name of manifest file — Output man-page files in separate output directory?
man.output.base.dir — Specifies separate output directory
man.output.subdirs.enabled — Output man-page files in subdirectories within base output directory?
man.output.quietly — Suppress filename messages emitted when generating output?
man.output.encoding — Encoding used for man-page output
X. Other
man.table.footnotes.divider — Specifies divider string that appears before table footnotes
man.subheading.divider.enabled — Add divider comment to roff source before/after subheadings?
man.subheading.divider — Specifies string to use as divider comment before/after subheadings
email.delimiters.enabled — Generate delimiters around email addresses?
A. The Stylesheet