Cocoon API: Class EngineWrapper

Class EngineWrapper


public class EngineWrapper
extends java.lang.Object

This class implements wrapping methods that allow the engine to be called even from other APIs or standalone applications. NOTE: this is a dirty hack and I know it. The problem is that Cocoon is a servlet and the servlet API are not that easy to deal with when you enter other modes of operation (like command line or RMI). We will need to clean this up and remove the need of direct HttpServletRequest/Response emulation when we integrate with Stylebook. But I have more important stuff to do right now.

$Revision: 1.13 $ $Date: 2001/01/11 13:52:19 $
Stefano Mazzocchi

Inner Class Summary
 class EngineWrapper.HttpServletRequestImpl
          Dummy implementation of the HttpServletRequest class to create a fake but functional request for the main engine.
 class EngineWrapper.HttpServletResponseImpl
          Dummy implementation of the HttpServletResponse class to create a fake but funtional response for the main engine.
Constructor Summary
protected EngineWrapper(Configurations confs)
Method Summary
 void handle( out, pathToDocument)
 void handle( out, documentPath, java.lang.String document)
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Constructor Detail


protected EngineWrapper(Configurations confs)
                 throws java.lang.Exception
Method Detail


public void handle( out,
            throws java.lang.Exception


public void handle( out,
                   java.lang.String document)
            throws java.lang.Exception

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