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Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0

Developer Documentation for Apache-2.0

Many of the documents on these Developer pages are lifted from Apache 1.3's documentation. While they are all being updated to Apache 2.0, they are in different stages of progress. Please be patient, and point out any discrepancies or errors on the developer/ pages directly to the mailing list.


Apache 1.3 API Notes
Overview of Apache's Application Programming Interface.
Apache Hook Functions
Request Processing in Apache 2.0
Apache Filters
Porting Apache 1.3 Modules
Debugging Memory Allocation
Documenting Apache 2.0
Thread Safety in Apache 2.0
Some notes on Apache module development by Ryan Bloom
Module Development Tutorials by Kevin O'Donnell
Integrating a module into the Apache build system
Handling configuration directives

Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0

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