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    The Darwin Collection

    Free software for Darwin OS and Mac OS X
    Dr. Michael L. Love, Editor

    Issue 1; Spring, 2001 ($30 MSRP)

    Note: Nearly all of the 2000 Darwin Collection packages are compatible with Mac OSX, Darwin, and GNU-Darwin.

    This four-disc CD set includes:

    • Apple's Darwin 1.3.1 distribution *

    • Nearly 2000 ported "packages" from the FreeBSD Ports Collection *

    • The GNU-Darwin Developer's Distibution *

    • The GNU-Darwin Porting Engine with ancillary sources *


    Many thanks to Prime Time Freeware for publishing this material!
    Get your copy of The Darwin Collection from one of the following outlets.

    Note: Resellers are encouraged to contact either Cylogistics or Developer Depot, both of whom distribute The Darwin Collection. Cylogistics is primarily oriented toward the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) channel, although they are expanding to include Mac OS X; Developer Depot concentrates on Apple-related products.

    Mailing List

    We have created an email forum for discussion of the ports collection for Darwin and Mac OSX users. More information is available at the forum home page.