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    Freedom News: Fair Use is a Right!

    FREE 2600!
    Down with the DMCA!
    Oppose the CBDTPA!
    If you thought the DMCA was bad, just wait until you hear about the CBDTPA! (Politech) Many thanks to Declan McCullagh (again) for blowing the whistle on the latest schemes of big media and their stooges in Washington. Here is a list of Senator Hollings' top campaign contributors, just to drive the point home. (Thanks Jon O!). As chair of the commerce committee, the senator failed to protect the rights of US citizens (voters) against the commerce giants, which should have been his top job.

    Apple Uses DMCA

      Slashdot: Apple uses DMCA

        It has got to be a mistake, because any company so clueless as to use the DMCA is total garbage. Perhaps Apple wants a return to their bad old closed platform days, which caused the FSF boycott. It is high time that we made our own DVD drivers.

      The Cronicle of Higher Education: Copyright as Cudgel

        Here are some key ideas which are backed up with documented exampes in the article.

          Fair use is dying
          DMCA prompts censorship
          Academic freedom is under attack
          DMCA is reckless and ill-conceived
          Academia has a vested interest in fair use
          Citizenship is blocked by laws like the DMCA
          Copyright is not a property grant
          DMCA is a failure

      Slashdot: HP uses DMCA, HP backs off

        This is the same company that silenced Bruce Perens. It has got to be a mistake, because any company so clueless as to use the DMCA is total garbage. They have a big target on their privates that says "Boycott Me!", and another on their backsides that says, "DOS Me!". Take note all; If this is true, it could be the end of HP.

      Wired: Sklyarov, Boss Plead Not Guilty
        Katalov: "My top concern is for Dmitry, his future and that of his young family, ... Dmitry should not be made some sort of example."

      Lessig: A Commitment to Candid Speech

        This prosecution looks less like a balanced and appropriate response to the real threats to copyright in cyberspace, and more like a miscommunication between Adobe and our Pinkerton-FBI. (emphasis added)

      ZDNet: Professor unveils anti-copying flaws

        Felton is a Princeton professor. Dmitry is a Russian graduate student. Think about it. DMCA is an unfair law that is selectively enforced. Hat's off to Professor Felton, a champion of academic freedom.

      ZDNet: Dimitry Sklyarov: Enemy or friend?

        "Bruce Perens is co-founder of the open source initiative and has been a leading Linux developer since 1994." Bruce's discussion of eBook copy-restriction technology is insightful and highly accurate.