Graphical Visualization Tools for Parallel Programs


Jumpshots are graphical tools for understanding the performance of parallel programs. They are evolved from upshot and are written in Java. There are 2 versions of Jumpshots, Jumpshot-2 and Jumpshot-3, distributed with MPE. Jumpshot-2 interprets CLOG tracefiles and Jumpshot-3 interprets SLOG tracefiles which is capable of handle big tracefiles (in GB range).

Configuring & Building Jumpshots

Since Jumpshots are distributed with MPE, the top level MPE configure will configure both version of Jumpshots by default. Through the use of configure option --with-java=<JDK> in MPE configure, user can supply a user installed java installation to MPE to build both version of Jumpshots. Even though Jumpshot-3 can be built by both JDK 1.1 and JDK 1.2, Jumpshot-2 can only be built with JDK 1.1. Because of this limitation, user is advised to use JDK 1.1 when building Jumpshots for MPE. However user can build Jumpshot-2 and Jumpshot-3 separately from MPE with different versions of JDK. If user chooses to do that, be sure to install them back to the final install directory share/, otherwise the logviewer script won't work properly. A list of configure options is available by typing ./configure --help in the top-level jumpshot-2 and jumpshot-3 directories.

For detailed information on building Jumpshot-2, refer to the README in the top-level jumpshot-2 source directory at mpe/viewers/jumpshot-2.

For details information on building Jumpshot-3, refer to the README and UserGuide.txt in the top-level jumpshot-3 directory at mpe/viewers/jumpshot-3.


Both versions of Jumpshots are installed in the final install directory, share/. End-users are not expected to call jumpshots directly, instead there is a display program selector script called logviewer located in bin/. This script will select the appropriate viewer based on the logfile's file extension, ie. log file format. For more information about logviewer, do "logviewer -help".

For more details on the button definitions in Jumpshot-2, click the help button on Jumpshot-2's main window to bring up the ASCII version of button definitions.

For Jumpshot-3, besides the ASCII version of button definitions available by clicking in the main window's help -> Manual buttons, there is also a HTML viewer which displays a step-by-step tour of Jumpshot-3 of how and what user can learn from a typical logfile. The HTML tour can be invoked by clicking the main window's help->Tour buttons. New users of Jumpshots are advised to read the Tour document.

Additional Information

Jumpshot-3 is written based on Jumpshot-2 but contains many enhanced new features not found in Jumpshot-2, and also contains a lot more graphic bugs fixed. So users are advised to use Jumpshot-3 whenever possible.