=begin = WebUnit == What's WebUnit WebUnit is Ruby API for testing html/cgi without browser, and is idealy suited for automated unit testing of web sites when combined with a Ruby unit test framework such as RubyUnit. It was designed and implemented by Masaki Suketa. I used HttpUnit with JUnit, however, I didn't like writing test in Java, when I write program in Ruby. Then, I made it. == Libraries Used WebUnit uses these software follow. Now, these files of htmlrepair/htmlsplit and html-parser are included in WebUnit package, so, you don't have to install them. You have to install RubyUnit and NQXML, before using WebUnit. * (()) or (()) * ((<"htmlrepair/htmlsplit"|URL:http://www.moonwolf.com/ruby/>)) * (()) * (()) or (()) == Download and Install Download webunit-20YYMMDD-*.tar.gz from (()), and, extract it to some directory, then, do (({ruby install.rb})). == Example Execute test/test_*.rb with test runner like runtest.rb, after make symbolic link cgi directory to accessable directory via httpd, with name "webunit". <<)) == Changes <<