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txt2tags README file


txt2tags README file

Fri Dec 20 15:01:50 2002


txt2tags is a GPL format conversion tool written in python that generates HTML, SGML, LaTeX, man page, MoinMoin, Magic Point and PageMaker documents from a plain text file with little marks.

Different from other conversion tools, it is generic, and not target-specific (as a txt2html tool). This way, you can keep just one source text file and one tool for all your formatting needs.

It's a plain python script, so no other external commands or libraries are needed.

Supports header, title, bold/italic/underline, preformatted, quote, link, lists, bar, image and table.

With txt2tags, you focuses your mind on the document CONTENT, and forget about formatting. Just let the program do this dirty job.


  1. You write this sample txt2tags file:
      = Why =
      You **must** use [txt2tags] if you...
        - need to convert documents to //various// formats
        - hate to write down `<tags>` for every formatting
        - want to be happy! [happyface.jpg]

  2. You run this command:
      txt2tags --type html --noheaders file.t2t

  3. You've got this:
      You <B>must</B> use <A HREF="">txt2tags</A> if you...
        <LI>need to convert documents to <I>various</I> formats
        <LI>hate to write down <CODE>&lt;tags&gt;</CODE> for every formatting
        <LI>want to be happy! <IMG ALIGN="right" SRC="happyface.jpg" BORDER="0">


For Download, Installation, Samples, Examples, Tips, Interfaces and Tools information, please read the "Txt2tags User Guide".

Txt2tags package structure:

  COPYING               The GPL License contents
  ChangeLog.txt         What have changed from previous versions
  README.txt            This file
  RULES                 All the rules and syntax used by the program
  contrib/              User contributed code repository
  extras/               Tools to improve the program use
  samples/              Sample files and its converted documents
  txt2tags              The program itself (the only required file to run)
  userguide/            The Txt2tags User Guide

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