A portable terminal and screen handling library. Written by Emil Mikulic, Volker Löw and Michal Safranek.



Terminality aims to be a cross-platform terminal manipulation library. It provides a uniform set of functions which are used to perform basic text-mode operations such as clearing the screen, changing text colors, moving the cursor, etc.

The Terminality interface stays the same between platforms but the implementation changes - Terminality will use the standard Win32 SDK console functions on a Win32 platform (Windows 95|98|Me|NT|2K|XP), ncurses on a Unix platform (Linux is the primary one for now) and is extensible to cover other platforms as well (i.e. DOS).

At the moment, the interface very closely resembles the Borland Pascal/C text-mode functions. Terminality started out as a simplification of ncurses to make it less painful to write software which used console functions (and color... color was a real bastard with ncurses). Even though ncurses still does the bulk of the work, Terminality does simplify the ncurses interface significantly.

About the documentation

The Terminality documentation was written by Emil Mikulic <>.

If you find any problems in the documentation, please contact me.

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