DBD::SQLRelay - perl DBI driver for SQL Relay


use DBD::SQLRelay;

my $dbh = DBI -> connect ('dbi:SQLRelay:$dsn', $login, $password);


This module is a pure-Perl DBI binding to SQL Relay's native API. Connection string consists of following parts:

host=... default: localhost --- hostname of SQL Relay server;
port=... default: 9000 --- port number that SQL Relay server listens on;
tries=... default: 1 --- how much times do we try to connect;
retrytime=... default: 0 --- time (in seconds) between connect attempts;
debug=... default: 0 --- set it to 1 if you want to get some debug messages in stdout;
Once connected, DB handler works as usual (see DBI).

Don't ever try to share one SQLRelay connect by multiple scripts, for example, if you use Apache mod_perl. Every $dbh holds one of server connections, so call disconnect() directly at the end of every script and don't use Apache::DBI or SQLRelay will be deadlocked.

If you use the HTML::Mason manpage, your sould look like this:

       package HTML::Mason::Commands;
       use DBI;
       use vars qw($db);  

     sub handler {

       $HTML::Mason::Commands::dbh = DBI -> connect (...);

       my $status = $ah -> handle_request (...);

       $HTML::Mason::Commands::dbh -> disconnect;

       return $status;



D. E. Ovsyanko,