Pysmb Documentation for version 0.1.0

Pysmb is an experimental SMB/CIFS library written in Python.


  • smb - Contains all the SMB operations and constants
  • nmb - Contains some of the NetBIOS over TCP/IP operations which is neccessary for the smb module to operate.

Quick Start

  1. Request the NetBIOS name of the remote machine from your user.
  2. Create a nmb.NetBIOS() object.
  3. Call nmb.NetBIOS.gethostbyname() method to resolve your remote NetBIOS name to an IP address.
  4. Create a smb.SMB() object, passing in the NetBIOS names and the resolved IP address.
  5. Call smb.SMB.is_login_required() to determine if the remote machine requires login to further access its services. If login is required, retrieve the user name and password from the user and call smb.SMB.login().
  6. Depending on your application, call the exported functions in smb.SMB object.

Last modified on Mon, Aug 20 2001