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3. Note to Upgraders

There are very significant changes from earlier Junkbuster versions to the current Privoxy. The number, names, syntax, and purposes of configuration files have substantially changed. Junkbuster 2.0.x configuration files will not migrate, Junkbuster 2.9.x and Privoxy configurations will need to be ported. The functionalities of the old blockfile, cookiefile and imagelist are now combined into the "actions files". default.action, is the main actions file. Local exceptions should best be put into user.action.

A "filter file" (typically default.filter) is new as of Privoxy 2.9.x, and provides some of the new sophistication (explained below). config is much the same as before.

If upgrading from a 2.0.x version, you will have to use the new config files, and possibly adapt any personal rules from your older files. When porting personal rules over from the old blockfile to the new actions files, please note that even the pattern syntax has changed. If upgrading from 2.9.x development versions, it is still recommended to use the new configuration files.

A quick list of things to be aware of before upgrading:

  • The default listening port is now 8118 due to a conflict with another service (NAS).

  • Some installers may remove earlier versions completely. Save any important configuration files!

  • Privoxy is controllable with a web browser at the special URL: (Shortcut: http://p.p/). Many aspects of configuration can be done here, including temporarily disabling Privoxy.

  • The primary configuration files for cookie management, ad and banner blocking, and many other aspects of Privoxy configuration are the actions files. It is strongly recommended to become familiar with the new actions concept below, before modifying these files. Locally defined rules should go into user.action.

  • Some installers may not automatically start Privoxy after installation.