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1. Introduction

This documentation is included with the current stable version of Privoxy, v.3.0.0.

1.1. Features

In addition to Internet Junkbuster's traditional features of ad and banner blocking and cookie management, Privoxy provides new features:

  • Integrated browser based configuration and control utility at (shortcut: http://p.p/). Browser-based tracing of rule and filter effects. Remote toggling.

  • Web page content filtering (removes banners based on size, invisible "web-bugs", JavaScript and HTML annoyances, pop-up windows, etc.)

  • Modularized configuration that allows for standard settings and user settings to reside in separate files, so that installing updated actions files won't overwrite individual user settings.

  • HTTP/1.1 compliant (but not all optional 1.1 features are supported).

  • Support for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions in the configuration files, and generally a more sophisticated and flexible configuration syntax over previous versions.

  • Improved cookie management features (e.g. session based cookies).

  • GIF de-animation.

  • Bypass many click-tracking scripts (avoids script redirection).

  • Multi-threaded (POSIX and native threads).

  • User-customizable HTML templates for all proxy-generated pages (e.g. "blocked" page).

  • Auto-detection and re-reading of config file changes.

  • Improved signal handling, and a true daemon mode (Unix).

  • Every feature now controllable on a per-site or per-location basis, configuration more powerful and versatile over-all.

  • Many smaller new features added, limitations and bugs removed, and security holes fixed.