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E   Installing Cyclone

Cyclone currently only runs on 32-bit machines, and has only been tested on Win32 (Cygnus) and Linux (Red Hat 6.2) platforms. Other platforms might or might not work. Right now, there are a few 32-bit dependencies in the compiler, so the system will probably not work on a 64-bit machine without some changes.

To install and use Cyclone, you'll need to use the Gnu utilities, including GCC (the Gnu C compiler) and Gnu-Make. For Win32, you should first install the latest version of the Cygwin utilities to do the build, and make sure that the Cygwin bin directory is on your path. We use some features of GCC extensively, so Cyclone definitely will not build with another C compiler.

Cyclone is distributed as a compressed archive (a .tar.gz file). Unpack the distribution into a directory; if you are installing Cyclone on a Windows system, we suggest you choose c:/cyclone.

From here, follow the instructions in the INSTALL file included in the distribution.

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